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2 Field Requirements All students in field are required to complete: Learning contracts Journals Time logs Field Evaluation

3 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. WHAT is to be learned? HOW Will you learn this? What activities are required? WHO/WHERE will you go/ask for help? HOW do you prove that you have successfully achieved the objective? WHEN Timelines? Learning Contract

4 Monitoring Process Field Instructor is responsible for supervising students and using various tools to monitor and evaluate a students performance.

5 Common Evaluation Tools Verbal reports Process recording File recording Video tapes Direct observation Co-facilitating One way mirrors Modeling Journalling Time logs

6 Professional Reflective Journalling Journalling is a required tool that Field Instructors can review during supervision with the student. Journalling gives Field Instructors and students an opportunity to – discuss issues in field; and – allows questions and concerns to be addressed during supervision.

7 What is a Professional Reflective Journal? Reflective journals describe: daily experiences while in field placement thoughts, feelings about the day/week theories or concepts that have been applied what learning has occurred questions/concerns Journalling provides an opportunity to develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills

8 Professional Reflective Journalling Week of (Date) to Week of (Date) Journals are used to help you reflect on how you are growing as a professional and to identify areas of concern or issues that can be discussed with your field instructor during supervision. Student Reflection What have I learned this week and what skills have I developed? Did I consciously apply theory to practice? What theories did I use? What did I struggle with and how could I have improved? What were my reactions / feelings / actions? How can I improve and what resources do I have available to assist in developing my skills further?

9 Benefits of Keeping a Journal Reminds students of questions which arise between supervision times Keeps students focused on tasks that are tied to their learning contract goals Encourages students to THINK THEORY and connect theory to practice Provides insight regarding strengths and areas requiring development while in field placement Helps to identify and address issues which may arise during placement.

10 Time Logs Time logs are now required to be completed by the student and approved and signed off by the Field instructor. Time logs are found on the Faculty of Social Work website – Field Education Program

11 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Time logs Keep track of hours Remind students to reflect upon specific experiences in their journal Remind students to discuss issues/experiences during supervision Connect their learning to the evaluation process Ensure that there is a process in place to track hours should a discrepancy occur Time Logs

12 Field Placement Time Log Field Student: _____________________ Field Instructor: ___________________ Placement Site: _____________________________________________________________________ Time Period From: Sept 4-9/2012 Date Time Spent Activities What did you do, who did you met with, training/conferences Relevance to Learning Objectives Student Initials Instructor Initials Sept 43.5 hr Introduction to Agency, met with field instructor, tour of agency, 1, 3, 4, 5, 10 1 hr Attended Inpatient Meeting During that meeting I was asked to assess a client and used the stages of change chart to identify where the client was regarding stage of change 1, 3 Sept 5 1 hr SICK Attended group session for youth I was an observer today however was asked to co facilitate the group therefore I will read information regarding facilitating youth groups and remind myself of small group process Contacted Field Instructor and left message on answering machine 5

13 Time Logs Provide accountability and act as a reference should issues or discrepancies arise; Provide a written record should there be a change in supervisors and/or placement; and Keep students on track regarding time spent on learning goals.

14 Time Logs and Journals are linked to the Competencies in Evaluation 12345 Unsatisfactory Performance Marginal Or Inconsistent Performance Has Understanding Of And Is Beginning To Undertake Action Usually Consistent AND Reliable Performance, Beginning To Initiate Action Independently Exceptional Performance That Shows Consistent Initiative And Analytic Abilities UNSATISFACTORY (FAIL)SATISFACTORY (PASS) PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL ATTRIBUTES 2. EFFECTIVENESS WITHIN AGENCY AND COMMUNITY MID TERM FINAL 2.1 Understands the purpose, mandate, and function of the agency. (1) 2.2 Is able to articulate the concerns of the client population serviced by the agency. (1)

15 Faculty Liaisons Offer support to Instructors and students; Maintain contact to support field-related learning; Meet at pivotal points (e.g., Learning Contract, mid-term and final evaluations); and Offer support to Instructors as they review student performance, including completion of journals and time logs.

16 Concerns or Questions? Students: communicate directly with your Field Instructor Visit the Faculty of Social Work web site for more information and ideas Consult your Field Liaison

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