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PeopleSoft Time & Labor What Roles are in Time & Labor? 1) Individual 2) Manager 3) Timekeeper.

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2 PeopleSoft Time & Labor

3 What Roles are in Time & Labor? 1) Individual 2) Manager 3) Timekeeper

4 Individual A) Faculty – No timekeeping. Paid on contract and will only need to access for entering sick leave in Absence Management. B) Exempt – No timekeeping except to enter hours over 8 hours worked for a day to earn straight comp time. Paid salary so time entry will not change pay.* Can access Absence Management through timesheet.

5 Individual C) Non-Exempt – Should review at least weekly to adjust for any comp time or overtime earned. Will access for Absence Management to request sick/vacation/comp time used. These are salaried employees and will be paid their monthly salary regardless of corrected timesheets.*

6 Individual D) Hourly - These individuals must enter their hours worked in a timely manner. Only hours entered and approved will be paid when payroll runs. Late entry of hours worked will wait until the next semi-monthly payroll to be paid. There will be no more emergency checks since each employee will be responsible for entering their own hours worked into their timesheet. (See timekeeper for exceptions)

7 Individual * - Salaried employees may have a change in pay for going on Leave Without Pay (LWOP). There will be a special earnings code specifically for an employee that uses all of their vacation/sick/comp time (whatever is applicable) and should not be paid for time not at work.


9 Exempt screen (Elapsed Time Reporter)

10 Non-Exempt and Hourly timesheet (Punch Time Reporter) Use plus sign for additional rows for multiple ins and outs on one day Click Save for Later to format and validate time.


12 Not entered as military time nor PM




16 Manager A) The Manager approves employees time submitted. It must be approved to be forwarded to payroll for payment. A Manager can delegate another approver if they will be unavailable. B) A Manager can enter time for an employee, if necessary. C) A Manager will assign work schedules to employees. M-F 8am – 5pm is assumed.





21 Timekeeper A) A Timekeeper may enter time for employees that are unable to enter their own time. 1) Computer illiterate 2) Unable to access computer a) Home sick b) Travelling

22 Timekeeper B) Try to keep entering of others timesheets to an as needed basis as opposed to a regular activity. We want employees to be responsible for their own time and not relying on others. This will eliminate the timesheet was lost in papers on the Admins desk. I couldnt help that the Admin was out sick/on vacation and my hours didnt get entered. I wasnt on campus the day timesheets were due. Etc… Etc… Etc…

23 Please WATCH for Absence Management and other introduction to PeopleSoft Modules training. There will be detailed training later for how to pay temporary workers. No payroll training will be offered to the campus because only the Payroll Staff will access the Payroll Module. The majority of payments will be made through Time & Labor.


25 Any questions about Time & Labor?


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