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Canada’s Time Zones.

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1 Canada’s Time Zones

2 To improve communications and create a uniform system of time, a Canadian named Sir Sanford Fleming came up with the idea that the world needed to be divided into time zones. The world was divided into time zones in 1884. This way, it is always one of the hours of the day somewhere in the world.

3 SIR SANDFORD FLEMING What didn’t he do?
He designed Canada’s first postage stamp – the Three penny beaver He designed 3 railways and personally drove the “last spike” in the CPR Railroad He created STANDARD TIME ZONES!

4 Where did Sir Fleming make this discovery?
In Greenwich, England, of course (East London)

5 Standing on the Prime Meridian

6 Greenwich Mean Time – The Reference Point for all Time Zones

7 Lines on the Earth Time Zones There are 6 time zones in Canada


9 Canada has 6 time zones Many of Canada’s time zones are drawn along provincial or territorial boundaries, but there are some exceptions. Generally speaking, a time zone is approximately 15º of longitude from its easternmost to its westernmost boundary. 360º (the earth) divided by 24 hours (or time zones) = 15 º for each time zone.

10 All area within a time zone is the same from the north pole to the south pole.

11 Going West: SUBTRACT Time!
THE TIMEZONE RULE Going East : ADD Time! Going West: SUBTRACT Time! Generally 1 hour per time zone.

12 Canada’s 6 time zones are as follows:
Pacific Time (3 hours behind us) Mountain Time (2 hours behind us) Central Time (1 hour behind us) Eastern Time (Where we live) Atlantic Time (1 hour ahead of us) Newfoundland Time (1.5 hours ahead of us)

13 THE EXCEPTION! Every time zone in Canada is separated by one hour, EXCEPT for Newfoundland. They are separated by half an hour, or 30 minutes.

14 If it is 5:00 pm in St. John’s, what time is it in Toronto?
Toronto is West of St. John’s. 2 time zones west, so we need to subtract time. From Newfoundland to Atlantic time zone is 30 min difference (4:30) From Atlantic to Eastern is 1 hour Therefore, the time is 3:30 pm ? 5:00 pm

15 If it is 8:00 pm in Toronto, what time is it in Edmonton?
Edmonton is WEST of Toronto. According to the time zone map, it is 2 time zones west. (Remember, west = subtract time) (1 hour/time zone) Therefore, the local time in Edmonton is 6:00pm 8:00 pm ?

16 If it is 9:00AM in Mississauga, what time is it in Vancouver, B.C.?

17 Time zones of the world:


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