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Data Projector Setting Up/Connecting Laptop & Data Projector.

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1 Data Projector Setting Up/Connecting Laptop & Data Projector

2 Controls vary only slightly in appearance & location.
Note there are more than 20 different data projector models on campus… TWO common MODELS are: SHARP (older) NEC (newer) Operating principles (including those of Sony and other brands) are identical; Controls vary only slightly in appearance & location.

3 It is strongly advised that you rehearse setup and operation procedures before your public presentation.

4 Please handle with care: both projector & bulb are fragile.
The projector becomes quite HOT during extended use. Ensure the surface it rests on is not sensitive to heat. Avoid placing objects in front of the lens. Allow the projector to COOL after your show: by turning it off and allowing it to sit for a few minutes with the fan running.

5 1. Setup Projector Remove projector from case.
Place gently on a firm, well-supported surface. Note: The projector need not be placed a great distance from the surface it will project onto.

6 2. Connect Projector to Power
Make sure MAIN POWER SWITCH (located near the AC IN port) is in the OFF position when plugging in or unplugging power cable. Connect female end of power cable to rear port of data projector (AC IN). Connect male end of power cable to AC wall outlet. IMPORTANT! DO NOT PRESS POWER ON BUTTON YET…!

7 3. Connect Laptop to Projector
Connect one end of supplied cable to Projector Port INPUT 1 Connect other end to laptop note: both ends of cable are identical (male) TO PROJECTOR TO LAPTOP

8 4. Power up the Projector NEC SHARP
First, turn the MAIN POWER SWITCH to the ON position. Power (on/standby) button is on top of the projector. NEC SHARP Or…use remote Wait seconds for the light to come on.

9 5. Power up the Laptop turn laptop ON If laptop was already on
you will probably have to reboot it. POWER ON BUTTON Otherwise… turn laptop ON

10 6. Adjust image size & focus
NEC SHARP FOCUS (front ring) SIZE SIZE FOCUS Other models follow same principle for focus; controls vary only in appearance & location.

11 7. Remote Control Use of remote control is optional.
Press ON and hold for 1 second. POWER INDICATOR on projector turns GREEN; Press OFF. Message appears “Are you sure?”. Press OFF button again. Press PIC-MUTE to turn off the image and sound for a short period. Press again to restore image and sound. Use this rather than blocking image/light from projector. MAGNIFY Press + to magnify image up to 4x then press – to restore image size. Sound level from external speakers can be adjusted Press FREEZE to freeze a picture. Press again to resume motion

12 Troubleshooting: Keystone Correction
If screen is tilted vertically, keystone distortion becomes large. Adjust with buttons on projector or remote. On PROJECTOR controls, press SELECT with no menus displayed. After Keystone screen is displayed, press the SELECT up or down arrow to corrected the keystone distortion. Then press the EXIT button. Keystone screen will be closed and changes will take effect. Using REMOTE… 1. Press the MENU button 2. Press SELECT button to select [Setup] & press ENTER. 3. Press SELECT to select [Keystone]. 4. Press SELECT button or so image is rectangular 5. Press MENU button to close menu.

13 Problem Solution Troubleshooting
After the projector is turned on, I receive the message in the upper right-hand corner, “S-Video-No Input” or “Video-No Input.” Solution Ensure you are in “Input 1” mode.

14 Troubleshooting Problem Solution
After the projector is turned on and on “Input 1”, I receive the message in the upper right-hand corner, “Input 1-No Input.” Solution First, make sure that you have firmly screwed in the projector cable to both the projector and laptop. If this does not work, the notebook may not be on dual-display mode. To avoid this problem, have the cable attached to both the projector and computer and the projector on before turning on the computer. However, you can toggle between display modes on your notebook if you don’t want to turn everything off. You need to locate the image that has two “monitors” on the keyboard (or LCD/CRT), on one of the “F” keys - each laptop brand is different. While holding the Function button (a.k.a. Fn, lower-left corner), press the monitor button to cycle through display options.

15 Troubleshooting Problem A portion of the left side of my presentation is missing during projection. Solution This happens on occasion, but is usually rectified by using the auto adjust button (one on the remote and one on the unit itself).

16 Visit: NEC VT580 Online Manual
The END Visit: NEC VT580 Online Manual

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