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ChooseIT and SetIT up An introduction to purchasing your computer and installing your Desktop or Laptop.

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1 ChooseIT and SetIT up An introduction to purchasing your computer and installing your Desktop or Laptop

2 Desktop Or Laptop? Laptops are light and easy to move around They dont need a dedicated spot in your house Normally have smaller total storage than a desktop Not as easy to expand so try and get what you need from the start. Laptops have smaller keyboards but normally come with wireless and Bluetooth built in. Desktops are bigger systems with a separate Screen and keyboard they are easier to upgrade and expand to keep your machine running they are easier to repair if a fault is found and the screen can be changed as needed. They do take up more space and need a spot in the house to leave them set up.

3 Ideally, you should have someone with you who knows about computers, before you buy one. If you dont know anyone, dont worry. The following are the things you should know a bit about, before you go shopping. 1. Brand or make of computer 2. CPU or Processor 3. Memory 4. Hard disk size.

4 There are lots and lots of Computer Manufacturers available to choose from but it would be a wise decision to choose from a manufacturer that has a good reputation. Dell Asus/ Packard Bell HP Hewlett Packard Hitachi Samsung Toshiba These are examples of some of the bigger brands.

5 When you run a program you load it into memory, temporarily. The larger the RAM capacity, the more things the computer can do at one time. The Hard Disk is permanent storage and keeps its contents even when you turn off the computer. Your programs, photographs and music are stored on the hard disk. The larger the capacity of the hard disk, the more items you can store on it. The CPU or processor, determines how fast you can do things, the faster the chip the faster the computer

6 What should my new computer have? It is hard if not impossible to buy a Bad computer these days. But there are a few things to make sure you get right at the start. 1. Memory – some entry level machines may come with 1GB (gigabyte ) of memory often referred to as RAM ( Random Access Memory ) we would recommend that you go for a machine with at least 2GB RAM this will stop the machine running slowly 2. Disk space – For a laptop 80GB or higher for a desktop 250GB or better is a good starting place. You will be amazed how fast you will fill up the disk on your computer with photos music etc. So get the space at the start. Larger laptop disks add to the price a lot so you normally will not get the same size in a laptop as a desktop. 3. Processor – The brains of the operation! Like a car the faster the better! But watch what higher speeds do to the price!

7 Naming the Bits of your PC 1. Monitor 2. System Board 3. Processor 4. Memory 5. Expansion Cards 6. Power Supply 7. CD/DVD Drive 8. Hard Disk 9. Keyboard 10. Mouse

8 USB connectors – Making life easier! When putting you computer together ( if its not a laptop ) you will need to connect in things like the keyboard, the mouse, camera and perhaps a printer. This is a lot easier now than before as all the manufactures have standardised on the same connection. USB – Universal Serial Bus Just plug the end of the connection in to the back of your computer and it takes care of all the rest. The connector is shown below and will only go in one way so you cant really go wrong.

9 Getting Broadband At Home There are many broadband providers out there. Eircom had the market cornered for ages but now many more have moved in. Which type is right for me? The main choice you have to make in regards to broadband now is which bundle will give you the best pricing. If you get your TV from IPC ( Choruss new name ) then bundling your broadband cable TV and telephone can make a lot of sense. If your landline is with Eircom then you need to look at the call costs from the other providers and pick one that suits. If you are outside the city you might have to go with wireless broadband if your local exchange has not been upgraded to take broadband. Again more and more choice available – Irish broadband – ICE – BBNet all offering different bundles. The main thing is to shop around. Check with neighbours and see how they have found service from these companies and check the pricing. Visit – to see whats available in your

10 Broadband Providers

11 What Do all the terms Mean? CD/DVD/DVD-RW/CD-RW –All relate to copying information off your computer and on to a CD or DVD –Whats the difference? –A CD holds 620MB (that's around 1000 photos) –A DVD holds 4.5GB (that's around 7000 photos) –The RW part means you can erase and reuse the disks This is not a format widely used.

12 What is Windows? The company Microsoft, produce a piece of software that comes pre-installed on most computers called an Operating System (OS). The OS is what makes it easier to use your computer. It is responsible for basically keeping everything running. Over the years there have been seven variations of Windows, thus the latest version is called Windows 7. If you buy a new computer now, it will most likely come with Windows 7. Microsoft are currently working on Windows 8.

13 Windows XP Note – Windows XP is being retired All new computers Will now come with Windows 7. Windows 7

14 Getting on to the internet If you want to access the internet on your new computer you will need to connect it to broadband in the house. If you are using a wireless router and are not plugging your computer directly in to the box then you may need a code to access your network. This code is to prevent anyone else accessing your connection and using your broadband. The range of wireless is around 120ft from the box so the code stops others tapping in to your system. The code should be provided by whoever supplied the broadband. Its a long series of numbers and letters.

15 Check out Our Web Site for more information

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