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Laptop Responsibilities Memorial Middle School Laredo ISD.

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1 Laptop Responsibilities Memorial Middle School Laredo ISD

2 Things To Remember Your laptop and how you use it is governed by: District Policies Student Code of Conduct Student / Parent Acceptable Use Policy State Laws Federal Laws

3 Software Tips Do not add or delete software to your laptop without the assistance of Tech Personnel. Keep your laptop in great working order. Software may be installed to your laptop throughout the year.

4 Screen Cleaning Tips If your laptop screen gets dirty or dusty: Wipe the screen GENTLY with a clean, SOFT, DAMP cloth. Do NOT use anything abrasive to clean it. Do NOT use any soaps or detergents to clean it.

5 Battery Facts To Remember Charge your batteries at home DAILY! Teachers do not have enough outlets or spare batteries to keep you going. Each battery stores about 3 hours of electricity. Both batteries should get you through the day. Wasting electricity to play games or music is no excuse for low power levels.

6 Hacking Warnings Hacking software is software designed to break into networks. Hacking software is illegal by Federal Laws. State Laws If you are caught in possession of hacking software, or caught trying to hack, actions will be taken by the police.

7 Email and Activity Warnings Any activity performed on your laptop or with district resources can be legally monitored. Email written or received using district resources can be opened and read by district personnel. Files or email created or sent to you using district resources can be inspected by district personnel with or without your knowledge. Keep all files and email educationally appropriate!

8 Report Illegal Use You are responsible for reporting security problems. If you are aware of other students engaging in illegal activities, such as hacking, report this activity to a teacher, tech personnel, or an administrator and do NOT discuss it with other students.

9 Laptop Use NEVER use a friends laptop. NEVER lend anyone your laptop. NEVER give out your password or username. NEVER delete files, with or without permission, belonging to someone else.

10 Passing Responsibilities When passing from one classroom to another: ALWAYS completely shut down your laptop. ALWAYS disconnect cords when packing your laptop. ALWAYS pack your laptop properly in your case. Your hard drive can crash or become ruined by moving laptops when they are still turned on. Store them properly.

11 Passing Responsibilities Laptops which are not stored properly in the case between classes WILL be turned in and the student WILL receive an office referral WITHOUT WARNING. Turned in laptops WILL BE searched for music, videos, instant messaging, and games. Students will be charged the $? re-image fee if found in violation of the District Acceptable Use Policy.

12 Proper Use of Laptops Playing games or music in a classroom, the library, the lunchroom, the gym, outside the school or anywhere is a waste of district resources and IS PROHIBITED. Teachers are allowed to give permission to students to use laptops FOR EDUCATIONALLY APPROPRIATE USE ONLY.

13 Always follow the guide lines of the 3 Ps: P RIVACY: Never give out any personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) to anyone over the Internet. A P PROPRIATE: Only educationally appropriate activities are permitted. P ROPERTY: The laptop does not belong to you. It is entrusted to you and must be returned. Protect it at all times. NEVER leave it unattended....

14 Copyright Laws If you borrow information from the Internet or any other sources for projects, papers, etc., you MUST give credit to the owner and cite your source. You must abide by the Fair Use Guidelines. Failing to do any of the above is a violation of copyright laws and is illegal.

15 Communication Expectations Whenever using any technology resource belonging to the district (the network, your laptop, etc.) it is expected and required that you ALWAYS... Be polite (ex: email, message boards, etc.) Use appropriate language. Maintain your privacy (never give out your name, phone number, etc. using email, on the Internet, or over the network).

16 District Access Rights At anytime, teachers, campus technicians, law enforcement officers, and administrators can open or seize your computer without warning. Nothing on your laptop is inaccessible and can legally be inspected by district personnel or campus officers.

17 Report Theft IMMEDIATELY The district is the legal owner of the laptop. You are responsible for damages to district property. If you lose your computer ON CAMPUS, you must IMMEDIATELY report the theft to Vice- Principal, Dr. Solis. A theft report must be filled out with Dr. Solis prior to reporting to the campus police. If you lose your computer OFF CAMPUS, file a police report with the police serving in the area of the loss. Upon return to school, complete a theft report IMMEDIATELY with Dr. Solis.

18 Lost Items Responsibilities NEVER loan your computer to anyone. You will be responsible for the full $1316.00, regardless of insurance. NEVER loan your charger or batteries to anyone. You are responsible for all replacement fees. (Charger replacement fee: $? Battery replacement fee: $? each) NEVER leave your laptop unattended (Ex: cafeteria, gym, locker room,...)

19 Inappropriate Use Consequences Office referral. Suspension of laptop use. Re-imaged laptop... fee $?. In-school Suspension. Alternative School. Suspension.

20 Student Expense Responsibilities $? screen replacement fee (district insurance deductible). $? charger replacement fee if lost or stolen. $? cord replacement fee if lost or stolen. $? battery replacement fee if lost or stolen. $? misuse re-image fee PER INSTANCE. $? fine for creating a BIOS password. The student is responsible for the FULL price of any computer parts that are vandalized. Vandalism is NOT covered by District Insurance.

21 Repair Office Rules EVERY laptop in for repairs WILL BE SEARCHED for illegal use. (Ex: downloaded songs, games, instant messaging...) Laptops found in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy WILL BE RE-IMAGED without warning. This is a $? charge.

22 Tech Office Hours Room ? 8:00 – 3:00 Monday – Thursday

23 Save, Save, SAVE If you have trouble saving your work in your My Documents folder, follow these steps: File/Save As… Select My Computer Select D: drive Create a My Documents folder Save work in the D: drive My Documents folder

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