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1 Administrator Introduction Driver Discount Lodging Program For T-Chek Systems.

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1 1 Administrator Introduction Driver Discount Lodging Program For T-Chek Systems

2 2 Table Of Contents First Steps Program Overview CLC Hotel Network Drivers: Using The Program Administrators: Using The Program Administrators: Web Screens

3 3 First Steps Use the following pages to familiarize yourself with the Driver Lodging Program Distribute Supplemental Cards and Letters to drivers

4 4 Program Overview Driver Lodging Program T-Chek & Corporate Lodging have developed a new hotel program for drivers. The programs goal is to reduce overall hotel costs significantly. The program will provide centralized tracking, billing, audit and accounting for hotel expenditures for your entire company Your drivers T-Chek Fuel Card is now accepted at over 5,000 hotels with truck parking.

5 5 Program Overview Who is Corporate Lodging Consultants CLC Develops and manages custom lodging programs for businesses in North America 27+ year old company serving over 275+ clients The largest single-source private purchaser of hotel rooms in North America 20,000+ hotel properties in our network 13+ million rooms - 35,000 travelers/night

6 6 Program Overview How the Program Works The traveler presents their T-Chek Card at check-in. The card is used for identification and billing. Hotel bills CLC. CLC thoroughly audits each room charge. T-Chek Invoices Client CLC Routes Data to T-Chek CLC pays hotel Detailed Reporting Client pays T-Chek T-Chek Pays CLC

7 7 CLC Hotel Network Hotels are Located Nationwide

8 8 CLC Hotel Network Mid-Scale, Budget and Economy

9 9 CLC Hotel Network Most Rates are Under $45 * Data from over 5,000 CLC Hotels

10 10 CLC Hotel Network 30%-50% Savings At Most Hotels * Data from over 4,300 CLC Hotels 9/26/05

11 11 Drivers: Using the Program Hotel List Available Via Web or Paper A hotel list has been developed for the use of your drivers. This list is available on-line or copies of a paper directory can be ordered at Search the area you are visiting by city & state or by zip code and choose a hotel located near your drivers destination. Web or Paper Hotel List Traveler makes reservation direct with hotel

12 12 Drivers: Using the Program Drivers: Using the Program Reservations Are Not Required Reservations are not necessary with this program. If you want to be sure a room is available, you may contact the hotel in advance. Please be sure to say you are using the Corporate Lodging Program and will be using the T-Card. If you experience any problems while checking into the hotel, call (888) 545-9391 to speak with Corporate Lodging Consultants Traveler Support Center.

13 13 Drivers: Using the Program Traveler Support Center ( Drivers: Using the Program Traveler Support Center (888) 545-9391 24 x 7 Check-In Assistance Toll-Free on card to get access to live operator to assist at hotel check-in if needed. Directory Assistance Provide a list of hotels participating in the Driver Lodging Program in a particular city ($1.95 Per Call) Reservations Locate and Reserve a hotel for a driver ($4.95 per call)

14 14 Drivers: Using the Program Drivers: Using the Program Checking Into The Hotel The driver should present a T-Card at the front desk when arriving at the hotel. The hotel will electronically swipe the card or ask the driver to sign a manual credit voucher. The hotel will send the bill (room charge and taxes only) to Corporate Lodging. The driver will need to pay any personal or incidental charges directly to the hotel upon check-out. If the driver has any problems checking-in, he/she should immediately call the number on their supplemental card, (800) 591-4860, to reach the CLC Traveler Support Center. The TSC will work with the hotel to get the driver checked in. Traveler checks in to hotel Hotel direct-bills CLC. CLC thoroughly audits each room charge.

15 15 Administrators: Using the Program Accessing your Information On-Line Available 24 x 7 – Most up-to-date information Log-On at Find a Hotel Leave Hotel Feedback

16 16 Administrators: Using the Program Updates to the Hotel List: As new hotels are added, or others removed from the program, please refer to the list on- line for the most up to date information. If there are needs for better coverage in a city, state or region where your company stays 5-10 nights a month, forward the information to: Not every hotel will participate in the program. With adequate volume and flexibility we can work to locate a suitable hotel in the area.

17 17 Administrators: Web Screens Web Table of Contents Search For Hotels by Zip Code, City or State Identify Potential Card Abuse Comment on a Hotel (with Follow Up by CLC) Make a Reservation Through CLCs Traveler Support Center View Hotel Billings by Hotel, Date, and/or Employee

18 18 Administrators: Web Screens View Approved Hotels Search Radius From City Center (if left blank, searches city only) Three Letter Airport Identifier If the Volume Selection is Checked Below, The number of Room Nights Since This Date is Returned When Submit is clicked, the selected information for each hotel is returned.

19 19 Administrators: Web Screens View Sleep History Restrict report by Cost Center (if applicable) T-Chek Users Will Not Use Invoice Number Five Digit CLC Hotel Number Employee Number as Reported by T- Chek (CDL #, Vehicle #, Driver ID) Search by either Sleep Date (Check In) or Invoice Date

20 20 Administrators: Web Screens Consecutive Night Stays Five Digit CLC Hotel Number; If Left Blank, Searches For All Consecutive Nights Stays Stays Between These Dates Will Be Searched For Consecutive Nights Use This Screen to Identify Potential Fraud if Drivers are not Allowed to Stay Consecutive Nights

21 21 Administrators: Web Screens CLC Reservations If entered, reservation stays can be coded with this value Location Where User Would Like a Hotel Room Reserved Multiple Rooms Can Be Requested Once the Reservation is Made, CLCs Traveler Support Center Will Contact the User User Can List Specific Hotel Preferences Here User Selects the Reason For The Reservation: Requesting Approved Hotel Approved Hotel is Full No Approved Hotel in Area Cancellation User Provides Details for Each Room Required

22 22 Thank You ! This program is designed to save your company money and provide better information about your hotel spend. Please contact your T-Chek Account Service Manager if you have any questions. If you have feedback regarding this training, please email your comments to

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