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May 22, 2012. Today is a chance to... - look at the provincial report card template - understand the new process -inform a decision about implementation.

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1 May 22, 2012

2 Today is a chance to... - look at the provincial report card template - understand the new process -inform a decision about implementation Mandatory implementation is 2013-14.

3 The primary purpose of the Manitoba report card is to formally communicate to parents, at certain points in time, information on their childrens growth and achievement as learners.

4 The provincial report card forms one part of an important communication system. Others may include: - monthly newsletters - parent/teacher interviews - student led conferences - web pages, wikis or e-mails

5 Some of the benefits to implementing the Manitoba report card are: - Positive school-parent relationships - Improved learning - Consistency across the province

6 Inaccurate grades play havoc with students lives and our professional integrity. OConnor & Wormelli 2011

7 Planning for reporting should consider... - subject categories and indicators - learning experiences and quality criteria - gathered evidence from multiple sources

8 Manitoba Report Card Support Document Partners for Learning – Grades 1 to 12 Draft April 19, 2012 Not available online as yet Will get a copy to all teaching staff by the end of June 2012

9 DEMOGRAPHICS... Name Student Number Date Attendance Subjects School Division Logo

10 ACADEMIC REPORTING: Grade 1-6:By Category 1 to 4 Scale Grade 7 & 8:By Category 1 to 4 Scale for Categories % Scale for Final Grades Grade 9-12:By Subject % Scale for all Grades

11 BEHAVIOURS: Personal Management Skills Active Participation in Learning Social Responsibility PLUS 2 OF OUR SCHOOLS CHOOSING.

12 Learning behaviours provide evidence of the students social-emotional and self-management skills and growth when engaging with content and interacting with others.

13 COMMENT CODES: If the focus of learning is different from the grade-level curricular expectations in a subject, IEP or EAL, not both, is indicated on the report card for that student. Each code must be accompanied by a standard comment decided by the province.

14 COMMENT CODES: IEP: The grade is based on achievement of learning goals in the students learning plan that are significantly different than grade-level learning expectations. EAL:The grade is based on achievement of some subject area learning goals at grade level, with a focus on language learning.

15 COMMENT CODES: NA: Only with principal approval. Can be used in a multi-subject box. CO/IN:Grade 11 & 12 PE. IN: Can be used for extended absence or incomplete information from the incoming school. Cannot be used for a final grade.

16 Grading should be... - Accurate - Meaningful - Consistent

17 ACCURATE: Academic grades are based on curricular learning outcomes and reported separately from learning behaviours. Non-academic factors such as attitude, effort, and behaviour are not included in the students grades.

18 MEANINGFUL The gradebook or documentation system used by the teacher summarizes evidence of academic learning relative to provincial curricular outcomes rather than solely by assessment methods and/or tasks.

19 CONSISTENT: Determining a final grade is based on curricular outcomes and involves a teachers professional judgment and consideration of all gathered evidence.

20 Understand and use your curriculum. Set clear curricular learning outcomes. Assess based on those outcomes. Report on those outcomes.

21 Framework for comment writing... - Strengths - Challenges - Next steps to improve the learning

22 Quality criteria for comment writing... - jargon-free - respectful and constructive - brief and concise - congruent (marks match comments) - not to include summary of material taught Plain language is very important.

23 Strengths and learning goals should be... - unique to the learner - specific to the level of achievement - specific to the categories - evidence based Good reporting does not include opinions.

24 Promotion and placement comments are no longer used. The wording in the section for principals comments would reflect reporting to a particular grade in the next year. AEP indication is no longer included on the report card. An attachment of adaptations made in the classroom can be included to the report card.

25 Trevlac has already been used in other divisions who have been piloting the implementation of the provincial report card. There are templates in Word that exist and can be used if preferred.

26 - Opening Day afternoon session - September PD Day - October and November staff meetings - Collaboration meetings

27 Provincial Assessment Policy Kindergarten to Grade 12 Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind Communicating Student Learning

28 Further Questions?? Decision to SSD by June 15, 2012. -Full implementation September 2012 -Implementation in September 2013 Gradual isnt really an option.

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