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The ABCs of Credit Card Finance Essential Facts for Students 2012 Carol A. Carolan, Ph.D.

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2 The ABCs of Credit Card Finance Essential Facts for Students 2012 Carol A. Carolan, Ph.D.

3 Essential Facts … Two Groups of Information Credit Card Costs Credit Card Behaviors 2

4 Credit Card Costs 3

5 Annual Fees Interest (APR) - CARD Act of 2009– APR Stable 1 Year - Exceptions: Variable Rate APR, Promotional Rates, 60 Days Late, Completion of Workout Plan 45 Days Notice Interest Calculation Cash Advances & Convenience Checks Payment Allocation 4

6 Default/Penalty Rates Low Interest Introductory Rates Balance Transfers Late Fees Over-Credit-Limit Fees Bounced Check Fees Currency Conversion Fees Payment Fees Transaction Fees 5

7 Choosing a Credit Card 6

8 Look For: A Low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) No Annual Fee A Long Grace Period Low Fees 7

9 Types of Credit Card Users Convenience Users Revolvers - CARD Act 2009 - Disclosures 8

10 The Schumer Box 9

11 Introduced by Senator Schumer A Grid Containing Rates & Fees Easy to Compare Credit Card Offers CARD Act Requires Issuers to Post Cardholder Agreements on Internet 10

12 Dos and Donts 11

13 One Card Student Loans for Tuition Wants vs. Needs Convenience Pay More Than the MMP Be a Manager 12

14 Dont Skip Payments Pay on Time Dont Exceed Your Credit Limit Cash Advances Convenience Checks Be Wary of Teaser Rates 13

15 Credit Card Shuffle Low Credit Limit Quickly Mail Payments Save Receipts Change of Address Lost and Stolen Cards Protect Your Credit History 14

16 Theres Always a Solution 15

17 Getting Out of Debt Dont Deny Problem Stop Using Your Card Contact Your Credit Card Issuer Get a Job Reduce Expenses Talk about Your Problems Debt Consolidation 16

18 Credit Reports & Credit Scores 17

19 Credit Report Collection of Information Financial Report Card Lenders Use this Information 3 Main Credit Reporting Agencies Regularly Review Your Credit Reports 18

20 Credit Score Numeric Value Applied to a Credit Report Fico Score Most Well Known Higher is Better 19

21 What Goes Into Our Credit Scores? 35% Payment History 30% Total Amount Owed Debt-to-Credit Limit Ratio 15% Length of Credit History 10% New Credit 10% Types of Credit 20

22 Consequences of Irresponsible Credit Card Use 21

23 High Interest Rates Difficulty Renting an Apartment Denied Employment Graduate School Rejection Higher Car Insurance Premiums Big Bucks for Cell Phones Higher Deposits – Gas, Phone, Electric Denial of Credit 22

24 Identity Theft 23

25 Signs of Identity Theft Card/Statement Not Requested Statement Not Received Unauthorized Charges Denied Credit Debt Collectors 24

26 Minimize the Risk… Keep Personal Information Personal Dont Use Social Security Number Leave Social Security Card Home Carry Only Whats Needed Photo ID Credit Card Know Your Billing Cycles 25

27 Shred Receipts Use the Post Office Creative Passwords Purchase on Secure Websites Keep Personal Information Safe Review Credit Reports Computer Virus Protection 26

28 Victims of Identity Theft Should… Contact the Big Three Fraud Alert Order Free Credit Reports & Review Call Fraud Departments Close Fraudulent Accounts File a Police Report Contact the FTC 27


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