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Stop Racism! By Amy Wilson!.

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1 Stop Racism! By Amy Wilson!

2 What is Racism? Racism is treating someone differently or unfairly simply because they belong to a different race or culture. People can also experience being called racist comments because of their religion or nationality.

3 How people get effected by racist comments:
Some people get effected by racism so much that they don’t want to live their lives any more. Some people even commit suicide because of bullies at their school and even coming round to their houses and threatening them. If a young person is experiencing racism of any kind, they may become lonely and sad. They may also try and avoid situations where racist behaviour could occur, and pretend to be ill, play truant from school, or be scared to leave their house. No-one should be scared of leaving their own house because of racist comments about their family and themselves. We all live under the same roof and should treat other people the way we want to be treated.

4 Why Are People Racists? Unfortunately racism can exist in all races and cultures. Racists feel threatened by anyone who is from a different race or culture. We are not born racist. Our views and beliefs develop as we grow up. If a child or young person grows up within a racist family, or has friends who are racist, they may believe that racism is normal and acceptable. But just remember you, yourself can make a BIG difference …

5 Examples of what children have told child line about racism:
Sandra, 11, is called racist names as she is black. She is scared to tell her teacher, in case the bullying gets worse . Ravinder, 15, is being beaten up by a group of boys at school, because he is Asian. Sunitta, 14, is being called racist names at school. Racist comments are also written about her on the wall of the toilets. Her teacher hasn't done anything about it. But it isn’t just black people that are being bullied. Some white people are getting bullied by racist comments people are saying. Alice, 9, is being bullied at school, as she is the only white girl in her class

6 Racism can include: Being called names
Being teases, insulted or threatened Being hit, pulled, punched or kicked Having your things at home damaged and ruined Left out or ignored There are so many things no one can mention them all. Please help and stop racism.

7 Please help put a stop to racism
If we all work together we can put a stop to racism and SEND THEM OF THE PITCH! Thank you for watching!

8 We’re all the same!

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