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What to Include and Design Hints

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1 What to Include and Design Hints
Business Card What to Include and Design Hints

2 Business Card Layout and Design Guidelines
The importance of a business card cannot be stressed enough when it comes to projecting a professional and long-lasting image in the minds of potential and existing customers. When designing the layout of the business card, consider the following tips and guidelines: Information: Decide what information should on the business card. Remember, you want the reader to remember who you are, what you do, and how to contact you.

3 Layout and Design Do Not Overcrowd: Since the business card is a very small document, it is important not to try and “squeeze” too much information on it. You do not want to lose the most important information on the card due to overcrowding. Consistency: The look and design of a business card should be consistent with other documents used in the business. This helps to project a professional image. It says, “I care about the way you perceive me and my business.”

4 Layout and Design Typefaces (Fonts): Use no more than two different typefaces (fonts) on your business card. This helps create a clean, easy-to-read business card. Proportion: Keep the size and placement of each element on the business card balanced and in proportion. This will help make the card more pleasing on the eyes of the reader. Have a Paper Plan: Before putting anything on the computer, sketch several possible business cards on paper and experiment with different layouts and designs.

5 What to Include on a Business Card
 Business cards usually contain the following elements: Business name Postal mailing address Telephone and fax numbers Web site address (URL) The business logo and tagline

6 What to Include on a Business Card
Name and job title of the individual representing the business address of the individual representing the business Sometimes an additional graphic image Brief list of products and/or services offered by the business

7 Examples

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