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US Bank FlexPerks Business Cash Rewards Credit Card

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1 US Bank FlexPerks Business Cash Rewards Credit Card

2 Business Owners can turn essential spending into savings.
Cash Back on business purchases allows flexibility and allows cardholders to reinvest rewards into their business Earn 3% cash rewards on net purchases in “accelerated categories” Gasoline, Office Supply Stores and Cellular Earn 1% cash rewards on all other net purchases Cardholders will earn an annual bonus of 25% of their prior year cash awards on their anniversary date (up to $250). For Example: Plus!

NO CAP on Cash Reward Earning NO EXPIRATION on Cash Rewards Earn Cash Rewards when Employees use Cards Rewards may be redeemed by statement credit or check Redeemed at $25 threshold, and in additional increments of $25 thereafter

4 Additional Benefits Low, Competitive Rate
NO ANNUAL FEE with one purchase per year Free employee cards. All cards earn Cash Rewards! 100% Fraud Protection from unauthorized purchases (upon claim verification) Purchase Protection provides extended warranties on eligible items purchased with the business card Rewards Details Gasoline - Limited to fuel for vehicles designed for travel on public roads. Fuel from a warehouse club, or superstores, do not apply. Fuel in excess of $200 will earn a cash reward of 1% Earn rate applies to purchases only; balance transfers and cash advances do not earn cash rewards Accounts must be in good standing to earn cash rewards and to be eligible for annual bonus If minimum payment is not received by due date, monthly rewards will be forfeited Purchases will earn at the 3% rate provided the merchant submits the charge under the appropriate merchant or industry code, established by the Credit Card Associations (VISA/MasterCard). Else, the purchase will earn at 1% rate.

5 Application and Underwriting
Customer applies by checking box and signing application, which is sent in with Merchant Application to UW. If no Merchant Application is available, Take One Application can be filled out and sent to UW. Source Code (assigned by US Bank) must be on all documents. Card is underwritten on Authorized Officers credit (can be Owner or anyone authorized to sign for the company). Card activity does NOT show on AO’s Credit Bureau

6 Application and Underwriting
Additional employee cards are permitted at AO’s request Underwriting time is 5-7 business days or less Customer will be contacted directly on underwriting decisions. No minimum income requirements for businesses. No excluded industries.

7 Engaging the Conversation
How do you typically make payments for your company? Cash? Checks? Credit? Benefits of a credit card are Rewards, better accounting, ability to manage cash flow with a grace period, and worldwide acceptance from merchants On your current cards, do you receive Rewards? What type? Any Costs (annual fee)? The U.S. Bank Cash Rewards Card offers 3% cash back on gas, office supplies and Cellular and 1% on everything else. It has no annual fee AND offers a 25% annual bonus on the rewards earned the prior year. Many other reward programs are ‘up to’ a certain percent, but this card earns a FULL 1% and 3% starting with the first $ spent.

8 Engaging the Conversation
Customer replies that they use their personal card for their business. Using a Business Card is a more accurate way of accounting by separating business and personal. IRS sometimes will deny business expenses if made on a personal credit card.

Completed applications should be faxed to: Attn: Business Card Underwriting Or mailed to: US Bank, PO Box 6369, Fargo, ND Or ed to:

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