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Oral Health Project Activities to Support Head Start Staff Katrina Holt, M.P.H., M.S., R.D.

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1 Oral Health Project Activities to Support Head Start Staff Katrina Holt, M.P.H., M.S., R.D.

2 Oral Health Project Guiding Principles Promote evidence-informed, practice-based, developmentally appropriate, and culturally sensitive messages, materials, and services Focus on prevention and early intervention Preserve what works while promoting innovation Leverage public/private partnerships Communicate and coordinate with health professionals, child care professionals, and representatives from government agencies, organizations, and programs

3 Oral Health Project Activities to Support Head Start Staff What do we do? Identify, review, develop, and disseminate materials Respond to information requests Conduct trainings at national and regional meetings Coordinate and collaborate with other national centers and training and technical assistance activities Maintain an oral health workgroup

4 Resources for Head Start Staff, Health Professionals, and Families Resource guide Curricula Tip sheets Newsletter Booklet and poster Orientation guides Brochures Website

5 Oral Health in Head Start: A Resource Guide Journal articles Material descriptions and contact information National initiative and programs Policy Professionals education, tools, and training Public education Surveillance Organization descriptions and contact information

6 Choose and Use: Head Start Oral Health Curricula Guide for selecting curricula Intended users Head Start Health professionals Intended audience Children Pregnant women and parents Head Start staff Health professionals Topics Availability Free For a fee Online Print

7 Open Wide: Oral Health Training for Health Professionals Help health and early childhood professionals working in community settings promote oral health Information about tooth decay, risk and prevention factors, risk assessment and screening, and anticipatory guidance

8 Tips to develop or enhance services to meet Head Start program performance standards Overview of Head Start program Oral health status and access to services Promising approaches to providing care What You Should Know and How You Can Help Tip Sheet Series

9 Tip Sheets Series includes active play, health literacy, healthy breathing, eating, mental health, oral health, safety, and injury prevention Tips for promoting good oral health and things parents can do to help their child

10 Brush Up on Oral Health Newsletter Includes promising practices, practical tips, FAQs, and recipes for healthy snacks Topics addressed Oral heath and school readiness Toothbrushing Parent engagement in oral health Pregnancy and oral health Infant oral health Oral health literacy Cultural and linguistic competence and oral health

11 Be an Oral Health Champion Booklet and Poster Promote awareness of problems children with poor oral health may experience Ideas for promoting oral health and preventing oral disease in children

12 Brochures Educate pregnant women and parents about the importance of oral health, oral hygiene, and nutrition Content includes brushing, eating healthy foods, and regular dental check-ups and treatment Written at 4 th –6 th grade reading level In English and Spanish

13 Health Managers Orientation Guide Coming soon! Developed to help staff provide high-quality health services to Head Start participants and their families Topics include foundation of successful health services, health, role of health managers, and tools

14 Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center Head Start program performance standards, policy clarifications, and program instructions Featured resources Additional resources (assessment, follow-up care and treatment, education, and policies and procedures)

15 Questions? Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

16 National Center on Health Contact Information Phone: (888) 227-5125 E-mail: Website: system/health/center system/health/center

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