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*Shortcrust *Rough Puff

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1 *Shortcrust *Rough Puff
Pastry Making *Shortcrust *Rough Puff

2 Pastry types Pastry is basically a dough made from flour, fat, salt and water which is then used as a base, cover or envelope for sweet or savoury fillings. On the syllabus we are asked to look in detail at - Shortcrust pastry and Rough Puff pastry There are more types e.g. Choux / Filo / Suet / flaky / hot water crust etc. but extensive knowledge about these is not needed.

3 Common Ingredients / Functions
Flour Soft plain flour (low gluten) is used in shortcrust pastry to give a short crumb Strong plain flour (high gluten) is used in Rough Puff pastry to give an elastic dough Flour forms the structure of the dough

4 Common Ingredients / Functions
Fat The fat coats the grains of flour resulting in a crumbly texture Fat helps to trap air between the layers of rough puff pastry Fat adds colour / flavour

5 Common Ingredients / Functions
Water Binds the dry ingredients together Lemon juice – added to rough puff pastry – helps to strengthen the gluten to help roll / stretch the pastry (OTHER LIQUIDS can be added including milk and egg)

6 Common Ingredients / Functions
Salt Adds flavour Strengthens gluten

7 Methods Short crust pastry is made by the rubbing-in method
Rough puff pastry is made by making a dough from ..... flour, small cubes of fat, water and lemon juice This is then folded and rolled several times to get layers The edges are sealed to prevent air escaping The pastry is cooked at a high temp causing the fat to melt The fat is absorbed by the flour leaving pockets of air The air expands in the heat and water converts into steam which expands – this gives the layers

8 Faults Shortcrust - Hard and/ or tough pastry Due to too much liquid, too little fat, over-handling or insufficient rubbing in - Soft and crumbly pastry Too little water; too much fat or self-raising flour used instead or plain - Shrunk pastry Excess stretching during rolling out - Soggy pastry Filling too moist or sugar in a sweet pie in contact with pastry - Sunken Pie Oven temperature too low; cold pastry put over hot filling; too much liquid in filling or too little filling - Speckled pastry Un-dissolved sugar grains in enriched pastry crust

9 Faults Rough Puff - Pastry has not flaked well Oven temp. too cool
Insufficient liquid Pastry folded and rolled unevenly Pastry not rested sufficiently Pastry folded too thinly - Shrinkage Dough not relaxed enough after rolling out and make-up

10 Shortcrust pastry Ideas

11 Shortcrust pastry recipe examples
Cornish pasties

12 Shortcrust pastry recipe examples

13 Shortcrust pastry recipe examples
Jam Tarts

14 Shortcrust pastry recipe examples
Apple Pie

15 Rough Puff pastry ideas

16 Puff pastry recipe ideas
Raspberry Millefeuille

17 Puff pastry recipe ideas

18 Puff pastry recipe ideas
Spinach and cheese pasties

19 Puff pastry recipe ideas

20 Puff pastry recipe ideas
Cream Horns

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