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MLAN Maguire Local Area Network Version 2.0, May 1998.

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1 MLAN Maguire Local Area Network Version 2.0, May 1998

2 Maguire Software Bringing Production Together

3 Maguire MLAN ä MLAN stands for Maguire Local Area Network What does this mean? ä Maguire Local Area Network simply means a local network, i.e. within your company, that links together a number of Maguire blenders to one computer ä The computer can be in any location you choose… simplifying your production

4 MLAN Networking

5 MLAN Development ä MLAN was first launched in 1992 as an MS DOS based product ä A new Windows based version of MLAN was launched in 1995 ä MLANs core design is to offer the manufacturer easy integration and flexibility with existing plant and management systems ä Since then the product has rapidly developed, leading its field in data retrieval and data management

6 MLAN - How does it work ä MLAN is a software package that allows two way communication between a computer and a number of blenders ä By the nature of the WSB Controller, data on throughput totals is constantly accumulated ä MLAN allows you to utilise this data, responding to material management and providing a reference when changes have been made such as new recipes or work orders no matter how production may change allowing complete Data Management

7 MLAN - How does it work ä Databases : MLAN aides production by storing on file a detailed database of materials and recipes used for production ä Constant Scan Routine : MLAN records production focusing on materials usage 24 hours a day, noting at any time problems such Material shortages in production ä Reports : Specific Retrieval Times as well as Constant Scan allows the processor to be able to scrutinise production overall and on specific issues

8 MLAN Benefits ä MLAN records clearly materials usage which brings clarity to production ä MLAN reports provide excellent reference tools for all areas of business improving communications ä MLAN is proven for documenting production for those companies working within strict quality environments such as ISO 9000 ä MLAN helps resolve Sales & Technical issues both on a day to day basis and historically too

9 MLAN Benefits ä MLAN Architecture is MS Access for integration into downstream software ä Easy access to upgrades and customizations from the Maguire Products Web Site ä Simple and easy to use in a clear Windows format that requires little time spent in set up or training ä Customized Reports written for special applications ä Full multi lingual capability

10 MLAN Pricing Strategy ä The pricing strategy of MLAN has been geared so that users large and small can take full advantage of the system ä Therefore a Starter pack costs $500, including the software on diskette, 1 user licence, and a signal amplifier ä Further licences cost approximately $500 per blender

11 MLAN - PC Hardware ä To run MLAN all you require is: ä An IBM Compatible Computer with a 166 processor or above ä 8MB Ram, with 20MB free space on the Hard Drive ä Microsoft 3.11 or Windows 95 operating system ä A Printer for paper copy reports ä MLAN Amplifier for applications over a distance of 2000ft (600m), or if you choose to run more than 25 blenders from one computer

12 MLAN Commissioning ä As with all software, when MLAN is supplied to a customer there will be need for configuration and installation time ä This is a separate cost that must be determined by the local distributor ä From experience, customers will either do the wiring themselves or want the distributor to do it, therefore it is important to source and specify the correct cabling: Carol or Beldon cable

13 MLAN - Future ä Maguire in the USA has a development team for MLAN ä Every 6 months there are new release upgrades bringing in new features such as Linking work order number to Recipes or new Special Reports such as costing reports ä MLAN development assures the manufacturer that with MLAN and Maguire Gravimetric blenders will always ensure that the company can take advantage of the latest innovations in production

14 MLAN - Future ä Some new features available in the next release will include : ä Communication options to link plants together via the Internet ä A new series of databases focusing on client and product issues ä Bar Coding for Batch Tracibility ä Links into Production Management Software ä New Job Costing reports

15 MLAN Synopsis ä Extremely user friendly ä Easy to set up & use ä Flexible for all types of production ä Materials & Recipes database ä Easy to link to other production & office software ä Extensive reporting capabilities ä Cost effective answer to complete data confidence ä Ideal for product documentation & ISO 9000

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