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Standardized Recipes & Converting Recipes

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1 Standardized Recipes & Converting Recipes

2 Standardized Recipe is…
A set of instructions describing the way a particular establishment prepares a particular dish

3 The Function of a Standardized Recipe is…
Detailed and specific To ensure quality every time…no matter who cooks it! To control quantity To indicate consistent quantities for every ingredient and how they are to be measured To indicate exact yields and portion sizes; and how the portions are to be measured and served

4 Cooking with Judgement
4 things to consider when you are making a recipe for the first time: What are… The basic cooking methods Characteristics of the dish The function of each ingredient The overall cooking times

5 CONVERTING RECIPES To change a recipe if the yield is not the amount needed. At home what do you usually do? Why might it be different in a restaurant?

6 To increase or decrease recipe yields;
Decide how many servings you need, or the DESIRED YIELD Determine the CONVERSION FACTOR or the number that each ingredient amount is multiplied by in order to adjust the yield of the recipe

7 Desired yield Original yield
=Conversion factor If a recipe serves 8 And you need to serve 4 What is the conversion factor? /8 = 0.5

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