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23 June 2009 Assessing Project Based Learning in Groups Peter Willmot.

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1 23 June 2009 Assessing Project Based Learning in Groups Peter Willmot

2 23 June 2009 The Purpose of Assessment Problems associated with Group-work Strategies and mechanisms The place of competitions Web-PA

3 23 June 2009 Why do we assess? Formative assessment –To enhance learning through feedback Summative assessment –To ascertain if the student has achieved the intended learning outcomes ** Is Formative Assessment always necessary?

4 23 June 2009 Intended Learning Outcomes? Knowledge and Understanding Skills and attributes Intellectual Practical Transferable Source UK-SPEC

5 What problems/opportunities do team/group-assessments present?

6 23 June 2009 Applicable assessment strategies Allocate a team mark Tutor assessment Individual assignments Peer assessment Peer moderation

7 23 June 2009 Applicable mechanisms Project reports Exams/tests Oral exams Presentations Portfolios Exhibitions Posters

8 23 June 2009 Assessing Competitions

9 23 June 2009 Competition

10 23 June 2009 Process and/or Product

11 23 June 2009 WebPA enables every team member to recognise individual contributions to group work @

12 23 June 2009 Using WebPA mark moderation, each student receives an adjusted mark Marked by students, the people that know!

13 23 June 2009 How it works….

14 23 June 2009 It is a sophisticated, yet quick and easy way to set up a formative or summative assessment.

15 23 June 2009 Flexibility Flexibility to create assessment criteria, scoring ranges and groups to suit the way you teach. How do teachers benefit from using WebPA?

16 23 June 2009 researched trusted The generation of individual student marks is automated using a researched and trusted method.

17 23 June 2009 Confidential data entry. Individuals rated against criteria list Total marks awarded for each member Average for a member of that team Individual mark = Team mark x F pa

18 23 June 2009 Marks are entered in confidence but teachers retain control

19 23 June 2009 New Open Source version available

20 23 June 2009 involved reflecting Students are involved in the assessment process, reflecting on their own and their peers performance

21 23 June 2009 Create a new Assessment

22 23 June 2009 1998 Paper based system 20082007 open to all at Loughborough University 2005 JISC WebPA project 2006 2002 PASS System Became WebPA 2004 Open source version of WebPA

23 23 June 2009

24 Overall, marking is honest and credible Dr Keith Pond Business School Loughborough University Dr Carol Robinson Assistant Director (Teaching and Learning) Mathematics Education Centre Loughborough University Students are much more satisfied – complaints have almost disappeared.

25 23 June 2009 Flexible Use Rapid Input Confidential data entry Individuals rated against criteria list Large data handling task is automated Feedback available if required Web-PA features To find out more visit…

26 23 June 2009 Assessment for: Rating Learning Motivating Criteria driven Strategies & mechanisms for marking individuals Multiple markers Competitions

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