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Team Manager Training October 17, 2013 Northwest ISD.

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1 Team Manager Training October 17, 2013 Northwest ISD

2 | © 2010 Destination ImagiNation, Inc. Creativity has the power to change the world. Becoming a team is a life-changing experience. Our worlds future depends on extraordinary problem solvers.

3 What is Destination ImagiNation? Destination ImagiNation is an educational activity in which student teams solve open-ended Challenges and present their solutions at Tournaments. DI is available across the US and in more than 30 countries.

4 The DI Program Elementary to university-level students can participate. Students must participate in teams up to 7 members. Teams compete in any of 7 Team Challenges. –A Destination ImagiNation Challenge is a fun exercise that socially and intellectually activates students by prompting them to use creativity and teamwork to solve a problem. –We offer the following types of Team Challenges: Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Structural, Service Learning, and Rising Stars!

5 The DI Program Teams showcase their Challenge solutions in Tournaments: Teams first attend Regional Tournaments. The tournament date is February 22, 2014 at Legacy High School in Mansfield. They can advance to Affiliate (State) Tournaments which is April 11-12 in Pflugerville, TX. Top teams advance from Affiliate Tournaments to the DI Global Finals at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

6 Participation There are 5 age levels in DI: –Rising Stars! (ages 5 to 7, non-competitive) –Elementary (3 rd to 5 th grade) –Middle (6 th to 8 th grade) –Secondary (9 th to 12 th grade) –University (university-level)

7 The Two Required Components of Competition In DI, there are two components to the competition: Central Challenge- this is the challenge that the kids will work on for a few months. There are 6 challenges to choose from. Technical, Scientific, Structural, Fine Arts, Improvisational, and Service Learning Lets watch one:

8 Instant Challenges This is the 2 nd required component for competition. In this challenge, teams are asked to creatively solve a problem using given materials in a small amount of time. The Instant Challenge is kept confidential until the day of the tournament. Only the team members and 1 coach can go into the instant challenge room.

9 Instant Challenge Cont. Instant Challenges measure: - The ability to use materials in a creative way -Improvisational skills -Engineering skills -Time management -TEAMWORK!!!!!

10 Instant Challenges Cont. Important: -Practice as many Instant Challenges as possible before competition day! -Do not help the team solve the challenge! You can give feedback after the challenge but not during.

11 Instant Challenges Cont. Still confused??? Lets try one. Volunteers???

12 Team Choice Elements In addition to the challenge, the team must present 2 creations called Team Choice Elements that show off their interests, skills, areas of strength and talents. These can be props, music, technical gadgets, costumes, physical actions, etc. The Element must have a meaningful connection to the teams Central Challenge solution.

13 What is a Side Trip?

14 Any questions so far?

15 Lets take a look at the Program materials! -Road Map -Team Challenges -Rules of the Road

16 Rules of the Road Please go over this before you meet with your team. Interference of a challenge is prohibited by the coach and parents. Interference is offering any type of assistance to the team in solving the challenge.

17 The Cost of DI $9, 375- The total cost of team numbers paid by the district (125 memberships @ 75.00 each) $8,750- The total cost of competing at the regional tournament (125 teams @70.00 at team) $18, 125- Total investment by the district Arent we lucky to have a district that supports this program!

18 The Cost of DI $5,000-7,000- State Competition Expense $12,000-14,000- Global Competition Expense *If you qualify for the state and/or Global Tournament, please be aware that your team will have to fundraise for the money. The district and campuses will not be able to provide financial assistance for these tournaments.

19 Are you Hooked???

20 The Next Step Contact your campus liaison and let them know that you would LOVE to coach a DI team. Make sure you have completed your Background check. They will get you the names of your team members. Contact the parents with a location and time of your meetings. Your campus liaison can help you find a place on campus to meet with your team. Good Luck!!!

21 Registering your Team Once you have your list of team members, go to the Greater Ft. Worth Website to register your team. Click on Register teams for Tournament. Follow the Directions!! Go ahead and have each child fill out a Medical and Media Release form. We will call for these along with your printed tournament registration form at the beginning of December. (You will be glad you did this early)

22 Questions

23 Thank you for coming!! Imagination Rocks!!!

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