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Ellen Auchenpaugh Academic Coach Clarkdale Elementary.

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1 Ellen Auchenpaugh Academic Coach Clarkdale Elementary

2 Introductions….

3 Standards for English/Language Arts and Math K-12 State-led initiative, not federal government: National Governors Association Council for Chief State School Officers Adopted by 45 states and 3 territories Feedback from teachers, colleges, business, civil rights groups, English language learners, students with disabilities What is Common Core?

4 Knowledge and Skills – College and Career Globally Competitive Consistent Expectations Collaboration Among States Gap Between High School and College Level Why Common Core?

5 Reading Foundational Reading Literary Reading Informational Language Writing Speaking and Listening Reading and English/L.Arts

6 Rigor and Relevance: Reading and Writing for Todays World College and Career Ready - Success in Entry-Level Credit Courses - Success in Workforce Training Programs - Success in Application / Interviewing - Success in Life! Raising the Bar in Reading/ELA

7 More Informational and Non-Fiction texts, including artifacts and content reading Critical Reading: citing text evidence Common Literary Themes Text Complexity Focus in Reading

8 Writing to justify thinking and reasoning More authentic writing: explain, persuade Writing across the curriculum Research Focus in Writing

9 Speaking Listening Technology Greater Focus

10 Conceptual Development Fluency with Core Skills Meaningful Learning Building a Better Foundation in Math

11 K-5: Solid Foundation in Whole Numbers (all four operations, fractions, decimals) Process Skills Conceptual Understanding Problem-Solving and Problem-Based Learning Focus in Math


13 Standard Algorithms: Addition and Subtraction: Grade 4 (carrying and borrowing) Long Division: Grade 6 …but thats not how my teacher said to do it

14 County Benchmarks Report Cards CRCT Assessments

15 Cobb School Districts website: Finding the Standards

16 Reading: fluency increases comprehension Independent level books: citing text evidence Above level books: read-alouds Non-fiction and informational Finding the theme: It just goes to show you that… Math: follow the teachers lead…. At Home…

17 Questions

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