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Special Education Survey Barnstable Public Schools September 17 – October 2, 2012.

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1 Special Education Survey Barnstable Public Schools September 17 – October 2, 2012

2 Overview Barnstable Public Schools invited parents of students with disabilities to take a survey in order to gather feedback on the following topics related to their childs education: Communication Issues Teacher/Staff Training Evaluation Process IEP Development Progress Reporting Program Evaluation Future Planning The following report presents survey results. 2

3 Participation Rate Seven hundred fifty-four parents with children receiving Special Education services were mailed the survey. Two hundred seventeen parents responded to paper surveys available at their childs school resulting in a twenty-nine percent response rate. Those surveys were then given to K12 Insight for analysis. 3 Responding Group Number of Responses (n) Max Possible Responses (Nmax) Response Rate (%) Parents21775429%

4 Communication Issues I feel that I have been fully informed by the school regarding my own and my child's legal rights in the TEAM evaluation process and IEP development (Annual Parents' Rights Notice of Procedural Safeguards). 4

5 Communication Issues I feel that I am able to effectively communicate with all of my child's teachers, special and general education. (Effectively means an open exchange of information, responsive to communication and appropriately follows-up). 5

6 Communication Issues I feel adequate provisions were made for outside assessments of my childs educational needs that go beyond the expertise of the school staff (e.g., blind, cerebral palsy and deaf). 6

7 Communication Issues As a parent, I received sufficient information and training from the school as a means of understanding my child's Special Educational needs. 7

8 Teacher/Staff Training I believe that Special Education topics should be a requirement for both regular and Special Education staff's professional development at all levels of education. 8

9 Teacher/Staff Training It has been my experience that my child's IEP modifications and recommendations have been effectively communicated and implemented between appropriate regular education and Special Education staff. 9

10 Evaluation Process I feel that the school assessed my child's educational needs accurately. 10

11 Evaluation Process If your child had an Independent Evaluation, due consideration was given to the report/evaluation. 11

12 Evaluation Process When discussing your child's IEP during a Team Meeting, do you feel there is appropriate and understandable data to facilitate the discussion? 12

13 IEP Development My child's IEP goals and objectives were collaboratively written before placement and services were discussed. 13

14 IEP Development My child's IEP specifies the teaching methodologies and approaches to be utilized in meeting my child's educational objectives. 14

15 IEP Development My child's IEP states his/her current performance or skill level in measureable terms (measurable terms = 3rd grade level percentiles or test scores; non- measurable terms = low average). 15

16 Progress Reporting I receive my child's IEP Progress Reports as often as I receive report cards. 16

17 Progress Reporting I receive my child's IEP Progress Reports in measureable terms (measurable terms = achieved goal with 80% accuracy; non-measurable terms = slow progress). 17

18 Program Evaluation Do you feel your child's programs and services are effectively addressing his/her educational needs? Please give examples of benefits and list names of programs and services. 18

19 Program Evaluation My child has the support necessary to effectively participate in non-academic opportunities (Junior Great Books, Odyssey of the Mind, Science Club, after-school intramurals, recreational after-school activities, Future Problem Solvers of America, etc.). 19

20 Future Planning Would you like to be involved in evaluating or providing feedback of Special Education programs in Barnstable Public Schools? 20

21 General Questions Generally, how would you rate your satisfaction of education in the Barnstable Public Schools? 21

22 General Questions Do you think that the Barnstable Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) provides a valuable service to the community? Please provide comments on areas that would be useful for you or would add greater value for you and your family. 22

23 General Questions I am interested in participating in the Special Education Parent Advisory Council, and would like to know more about how to get involved. 23

24 Open Response Questions The Special Education survey contained comment sections following each question. A total of 692 verbatim responses were collected. The number of verbatim responses are noted next to each questions topic below. Informed legal rights (n=22) Effective communication (n=47) Outside assessments (n=16) Parent training support and information regarding needs of students (n=31) Professional Development for both general education and special education teachers (n=27) IEP modifications communicated effectively (n=40) Assessed student needs accurately (n=41) Considered independent evaluation (n=21) Reason for independent evaluation (n=69) Information and participation in SEPAC (n=59) Appropriate data was used during IEP (n=32) IEP written collaboratively (n=28) IEP specifies teaching methods (n=24) IEP has current performance in measurable terms (n=28) IEP Progress Reports are provided as often as report cards (n=22) IEP Progress Reports are given in measurable terms (n=6) Special education services and programs with examples (n=81) Support for non-academic opportunities (n=37) Participate in future planning of SPED programs (n=20) Overall satisfaction with education (n=62) SEPAC valuable service (n=38) Contact for more information (n=59) 24

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