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Judith Lane Programme Leader MSc (pre-registration) Physiotherapy School of Health Sciences Queen Margaret University.

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1 Judith Lane Programme Leader MSc (pre-registration) Physiotherapy School of Health Sciences Queen Margaret University

2 Principles of feedback (Draper, 2007) helps clarify what good performance is (goals, criteria, expected standards); facilitates the development of self-assessment (reflection) in learning; delivers high quality information to students about their learning; encourages teacher and peer dialogue around learning; encourages positive motivational beliefs and self-esteem; provides opportunities to close the gap between current and desired performance; provides information to teachers that can be used to help shape the teaching.

3 Why is it worth considering different ways of giving feedback?

4 Assessments Write 1500 words which critically reflect upon two of the learning objectives that you set for your foundation placement. You should consider to what extent you achieved these objectives and how you achieved them, providing evidence to support your arguments. You should also consider how you will assimilate this learning into your further practice based learning placements. Write a 1,000 word webfolio which contains a formative reflective account of your learning across placement 1 & 2 concluding with a justified bulleted list of learning needs

5 How did we do it? Digital recorder Dictate feedback whilst reading the eportfolio assignment on the computer screen Attached to webfolio as a comment


7 Expectations Thought it was an interesting idea, but didnt want to listen to mine – felt too personal I thought it had the potential to be a good alternative to written. I thought it would be a staff member reading off a feedback sheet Thought it could be a bit daunting, especially if it was going to be bad

8 What do you think about it now? I liked having the feedback. I found it gave individual specific areas which could be worked on. Individual advice on personal level I thought it was good and more personal than I expected. Also it was easier to follow and understand the points being made than if it was written down Really like it, was much better feedback and more constructive than the usual written comments Example 1 Example 2

9 What do you think of it now? Wasnt as personal as I thought it might have been, but would still have preferred informal written feedback (i.e. the transcript) Good, provided more information than written. However if the same information was written it would have been no more beneficial I thought it was good in that feedback was more broad and brought up pros and cons in more detail. This could have been written though

10 What do you think of it now? Interesting, very personal but I dont really like it I prefer written feedback however the content in audio was more in-depth… Seem a waste of tutors time I listened to it only once and didnt want to go back whereas the written one. Id go back to it

11 Advantages More detail Greater quantity Volume Comments more personal More time spent on you Personalised Hearing tone of voice makes interpretation easier Intonation

12 Disadvantages Harder to go back to specific points Cant print it off Review More difficult for visual learners Learning style Sound quality not always good Didnt always work on home computers Technical difficulties

13 Would you recommend audio feedback to others?

14 Summary Audio feedback Current written feedback policy More extensive written feedback No feedback

15 References Draper,S.W. (2007, May 8) Seven principles of good feedback practice[WWW document]. URL (visited 2010 Sept 6)

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