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Basic Concepts of a Computer Network

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1 Basic Concepts of a Computer Network

2 Content The Need for a Computer Network LANs and WANs
Peer-to-Peer Server-Client Connecting to a computer Network network interface card (NIC) Connecting Device … switch, hub, router Network cables … coaxial cable, UTP, optical fibre Wireless network Network Topology … bus, star, ring Network Operating System (NOS)

3 Common Services in a network
File Server Print Server Application Server ……

4 What is a computer network
A computer network is a system of interconnected computers that can exchange information and share resources resources files / data / information / document software Hardware (device : harddisk drive, floppy disk drive, CD-ROM drive, printer, scanner)

5 Uses of network governmental departments corporation / business sector
educational institutions private apartments home hotel entertainment

6 Standalone computer Powerful, valuable tools for individual use
But during …. File transfer by file copying, then give the disk to the other Adv : Allow us to socialize with a friend while we exchange and merge data low cost, more secure, low technique required Disadv : far too slow inefficient to meet the the need and expectation today depends on distances we want the data to travel

7 When networked values increase greatly Adv : Disadv :
Reduce the need of paper communication increase efficiency nearly all type of data can be available simultaneously to every user Disadv : Less secure much more technique required

8 The Need for a Computer Network
Advantage Communication Resources Sharing Centralized Data Management Software Sharing Backup Centralized Administration

9 Communication by using email winpopup (for Win 98) messaging
file transfer

10 Resources sharing share peripheral device share internet connection
printer scanner CD-ROM, other storage devices Harddisk space share internet connection share CPU, RAM etc...

11 Centralized Data Management
users can work separately in different place but sharing the same database file no need to update PC by PC

12 Software sharing some software has standalone version and also network version using network version lower the purchase cost minimize the installation procedure minimize problem caused by configuration changes

13 Backup network backup more secure more easy minimize down time
lower the cost for the backup storage room security equipment requirement etc...

14 Centralized Administration
in terms of user management add user edit user delete user inactivate user in terms of security setting full control read only write execute

15 Networking Classification
By geographical limit / size LANs / WANs By computer relationship server-client / peer-to-peer By wiring layout / method topology (bus / star / ring / mesh)

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