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Anna Wilkinson Elder Care Advisor Greater Springfield Senior Services.

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1 Anna Wilkinson Elder Care Advisor Greater Springfield Senior Services

2 Long Term Care Options Counseling is a free service that provides resource counseling for elders 60 and older, their caregivers, and persons under 60 with a long lasting disability. Conversation focuses on individuals choices and preferences. Topics include housing, homecare, future care, and placement issues.


4 Certified Home Health Care are companies where care is provided by licensed medical professionals. Services can be billed to medical insurances. These companies are overseen by the Department of Public Health and must meet standards of care prescribed by Medicare.

5 Personal Care Nursing Care Homemaking Medication Management Companionship

6 Between $20 and $25 an hour Nursing visits can cost upwards of $80 or more per visit Most agencies have a 2 hour minimum

7 Non-medical home care companies provide quality care from professional caregivers who receive training, are covered by workmans compensation, and receive supervision. These services are private pay, however in some cases LTC insurance policies and/or Veterans benefits MAY cover these expenses.

8 Personal Care Homemaking Companionship Meal Prep Grocery Shopping

9 $20-$25 depending on level of care Most companies have a 2 hour minimum Can provide 24 hour care

10 Live In Care Employee lives with consumer 24/7 Cost can be between $5000 to $7000 a month Employee requires time off=Family must provide respite Provides all care needed Background checks, bonded, and insured Agency does tax paperwork, consumer can either pay employee directly or via agency.

11 24 hour care via shifts Multiple caregivers Cost between $20-$25 an hour May cost more for overnights or for a higher level of care


13 RN support through a home care agency Cost upwards of $80 per visit Medication Dispenser through companies such as Lifeline Cost upwards of $50 a month Someone needs to fill the machine Cannot accommodate medications whose dosages change frequently such as diabetes medications and blood thinner

14 Some Home Health Care agencies offer transportation as a service Costs can ranges between $____ and $____ Live in caregivers typical use the clients car and are reimbursed at Federal mileage rate.

15 Ramps Rental: $60 a month (plus installation) Own: Upwards of $2000 plus depended on size and the grade Stair Lifts Rental: Upward of $50 a month (plus installation) Own: $4000 plus depending on need Bathrooms modifications: walk-in shower, widening door frames, raised toilet seats


17 Units range from studio to 3 bedrooms Services provided may include homemaking, laundry, meals, and leisure activities. No personal care or nursing services included in price BUT can be purchased separately through private agency.

18 Buy-Ins follow an Aging in Place model Initial costs can be upwards of $100,000 plus additional rent per month. Rents range from $3000 to $6000 a month depending on the community and size of the apartment. Rentals range between $2500 to $5000 No deposits generally required

19 Units include private apartments (studio to 2 bedrooms) Some facilities have companion suites which can lower the cost for elder Services include homemaking, meals, laundry, and leisure activities. Limited personal care included (usually up to 1 and ½ hours a care) Additional time can be purchased. Some Assisted Livings have special units specifically designated for dementia care. Medication management is usually an additional cost 24/7 care and/or supervision is NOT included

20 Double Occupancy Some single rooms may be available Costs upwards $10,000 monthly Services include 24/7 nursing care, homemaking, medication management, personal care, meals, and leisure activities. Most follow a medical model but trend is shifting to a social model (ex. Marys Meadow)

21 Personal case mangers to assist with all aspects of care planning. Can be a one-time consultations to intensive case management Offers a wide range of services from setting up medical appointments to arraigning placement Costs ranges between $50 to $75 a hour depending on need.


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