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Rezoning Study -Community Forum- Thompson Middle School February 15, 2011 6:30 – 7:30pm.

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1 Rezoning Study -Community Forum- Thompson Middle School February 15, 2011 6:30 – 7:30pm

2 Welcome Tonights Agenda Agenda: 6:30-6:35Introduction & Welcoming Remarks 6:35-6:45Presentation – Progress report to community and objectives of meeting 6:45-7:30Review maps and complete questionnaires

3 Welcome! Tonight s meeting is 1 st part of two (2) community information meetings for the Richmond Public Schools Rezoning Study. The next community forum will be held March 27 th at Richmond Technical Center

4 Purpose Community Forum 1. Learn how the community-based redistricting process has been working. 2. Review DRAFT rezoning options for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. 3. Complete questionnaires related to the options to provide valuable input to the committee. What we are not prepared to do is answer questions about your specific child or school.

5 1.Richmond Public Schools is building new schools as part of the Build Better Richmond program. a)2 new elementary schools opening in January 2013 b)1 new middle school opening in January 2014 c)1 new high school opening in January 2015 2.Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority is slated to build a new Overby-Sheppard Elementary school on the existing site 3.Changes in demographics and population over time have created imbalances in building utilization amongst various schools within the district. a)Some are over utilized while others are underutilized 4.Many of the buildings are in need of modernization or replacement, and there could be potential consolidation opportunities which can better save on costs. 5.These factors have created the need to take a comprehensive look at the existing Richmond Public School zones and facilities. Why Were Here Project Objectives

6 Balance Building Utilization Minimize the impact on students Use major roads and natural boundaries whenever feasible to define attendance zones Guiding Principles / Criteria

7 Maximize walkability Establish clear feeder patterns and continuity Make all efforts to ensure efficient system of school bus transportation Make all efforts to establish contiguous zones Make all efforts to minimize the split of identifiable community components such as apartments and subdivisions. Guiding Principles / Criteria

8 Work Done to Date Committee has met 4 times since the project began: October 25 th, 2011 November 15 th, 2011 December 13 th, 2011 January 10 th, 2012 Presentation – Richmond Rezoning Study

9 Recommended Process & Timeline for Rezoning (In Months) We are here

10 Whats Next - Community Forum input reviewed- Committee will meet 2 times before next community forum: February 28 th, 2012 March 13 th, 2012 Presentation – Richmond Rezoning Study ***************************************************** After the next community forum on March 27, 2012 Committee will meet 2 times after next community forum: April 17 th, 2012 May 8 th, 2012

11 Maps and Figures The committee is sharing 4 DRAFT options for your review and feedback: - 4 options for each level along with enrollment estimates -Committee members and RPS will be around maps to help answer questions -Please write down your feedback either online or on forms so committee can benefit from all input Presentation – Richmond Rezoning Study

12 Interpreting the Maps

13 If you have any questions about the process, please review the RPS Rezoning section on the website, or email at: Now is your time to review the maps and provide feedback. Thank you for your commitment to the Richmond Public Schools Rezoning Study! Presentation – Richmond Rezoning Study

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