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Johnny Cupcakes Megan Holland Tristan Lazor Jasmine Mulligan Kyle Mart

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1 Johnny Cupcakes Megan Holland Tristan Lazor Jasmine Mulligan Kyle Mart
Erica Prior Geoconda Soliz

2 Sociocultural issues Companies have tried to copy the popular designs, which has lead to legal action by Johnny Cupcakes As people migrate to other social media websites Johnny Cupcakes will have to work harder to keep its sense of tight knit community strong. This is important because the sense of community is a very important way the company delivers value to the customer.

3 Industry trends Community
Creates a sense of a social community through everyday blog updates or social media updates. Making the customer feel that they are being cared for when ordering a t-shirt Customers can connect through these social media websites and vote on new t- shirt designs and talk about their experience with the brand Keep customers updated through the use of videos they feel can help them connect with them or show them what went on at a past event Products are also in retail settings, in order for the customer to connect with employees and enjoy in-store events and promotions.

4 Industry trends Quality products
These T-shirts can just have a funny image or saying on them they need to be of high quality as well. People are willing to pay more for a unique high quality product that will create great customer experiences. Customers are willing to explore different quality brands in the industry.

5 Target market Young Digerati:
Young Digerati are the nation's tech-savvy singles and couples living in fashionable neighborhoods on the urban fringe. Affluent, highly educated and ethnically mixed, Young Digerati communities are typically filled with trendy apartments and condos, fitness clubs and clothing boutiques, casual restaurants and all types of bars-from juice to coffee to microbrew.

6 Target market Bohemian Mix:
A collection of young, mobile urbanites, Bohemian Mix represents the nation's most liberal lifestyles. Its residents are a progressive mix of young singles and couples, students and professionals, Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans and whites. In their funky rowhouses and apartments, Bohemian Mixers are the early adopters who are quick to check out the latest movie, nightclub, laptop and microbrew.

7 Target Market Demographics
Age: Target consumers are between 16 and 28 years old. Sex: Male and Female. Race: Vary in race. Location: City based. Employment: Employed, typically more affluent and college educated. Interest: fashion, athletics, the outdoors, nightlife, traveling and entertainment. Attitudes: Knowledgeable, leaders, open to new experiences. Opinions: Adolescent nostalgia, adventure seeking, positive outlook on life.

8 Leaders and followers Bape (A Bathing Ape): Urban street wear which came from Japan. The theme and logo were based off the original Planet of the Apes. They produce limited edition items. It uses limited marketing as well. They have stores all over the world and are planning on opening more in the United States. Threadless: Uses social networking to allow the customers to create and vote on new product designs. Threadless establishes a community where consumers can blog, chat and socialize with others. There is no advertising, marketing or professionals. This allows the costs of the merchandise to remain low.

9 Product hierarchy

10 Product elements

11 Product examples

12 Johnny Jr. Cupcakes Johnny Jr. Cupcake Logo
The logo for the Johnny Jr. Cupcake is colorful because it is for kids and kids respond well to color. The lettering is colorful, fun and easy to read so children will be able to easily read and understand the logo. The colors are bright so they stand out among the other t-shirts. Johnny Jr. Cupcakes

13 SWOT analysis Strengths
Well established brand community that is extremely loyal Personal relationship between founder Johnny Earle and customers Unique marketing strategy Brand story and products are easily connectable Provide a unique brand, image, experience and culture Consistent image within products Weaknesses Few physical stores Marketing is solely based on viral marketing They specialize in basic products so there is increased competition Limited product categories and varieties Opportunities Expanding into more national and international markets Collaboration and partnerships with other designers, stores, and artists Increase the depth and breadth of the product line Provide customization Build the consumer community based on their interest or value Increase community clothing Threats Saturated T-shirt market Not keeping up with technology trends Price-prone consumer and competitors Cupcake image losing strength amongst cult followers


15 Merchandising strategy
Classic Licensed Organic Cotton Blends Price Body Suits (Onesies) Classic: $15.00 Licensed: $18.00 Organic Blends:$24.00 Girl’s T-shirt Classic:$25.00 Licensed:$35.00 Organic Blend:$ 43.00 Boy’s T-shirt Organic Blend:$43.00 Girls Hoodies Classic: $27.00 Licensed:$37.00 Organic Blend: $45.00 Boy’s Hoodies Classic:$27.00 Organic Blend:$45.00

16 Differentiation Tools
Product Comfortable T-shirts made locally in the United States that contain popular culture references Unique designed products Services Online and in-store sales Free GWP with all online purchases Personnel Knowledgeable and helpful staff in all locations Like to create relationship with customers to show them that they aren’t just another number to the company

17 Differentiation tools
Channel Word-of-Mouth Social Networking Blogging Pop culture Fun store experience with a bakery-like atmosphere Image Created by making all products in the United States Also by the limited amount and uniqueness of each shirt design

18 Meaning Response Identity
Johnny Cupcakes builds a fashionable and fun relationship with its customers through limited edition novelty items and a strong community through online and brick and mortar stores. With a strong customer basis through word of mouth and viral marketing, Johnny Cupcakes can continue to create strong brand loyalty and excitement around the brand and its products. Relationship Consumers feel trendy and part of a bigger community through the Johnny Cupcakes brand. The connection to pop culture creates a sense of nostalgia mixed with an exclusive, fashionable brand. Meaning Response Identity Johnny Cupcakes is a fashionable and unique company that incorporates unusual marketing to expand and expose the products. With viral marketing and word of mouth, Johnny Cupcakes still feels special to each customer regardless of its large popularity.

19 Increasing sales Promote the children’s line through social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and the Johnny Cupcakes blog. Johnny Cupcakes can also host kid friendly events in the brick and mortar stores, such as carnivals, game nights and movie nights.

20 Increasing brand knowledge
Allowing the Johnny Cupcakes logo and the Johnny Cupcakes Jr. logo to completely saturate the market. If the logo is well known, the brand and its sense of community will also be well known. By creating family friendly ads in family magazines such as Child and Family Circle, the brand will become more recognizable.

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