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EDINBURGH Zones and Regeneration

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1 EDINBURGH Zones and Regeneration

2 You have to add detailed annotations to eight sketches.
The aims of the exercise are to: help you visualise different parts of Edinburgh help you to know important urban details

3 Edinburgh The CBD Princes Street; Rose St; George Street; Lothian Road

4 The Central Business District
CBD is bisected by the Castle and Princes St Gardens, and there are planning restrictions which ensure that the historic nature of Edinburgh is conserved. The main streets business/ shopping streets are Princes Street and George Street, which run east to west, and the adjoining streets.

5 The Central Business District
First developed around the oldest part of Edinburgh – the Castle area, and later expanded onto Princes Street when the Norloch was drained and the New Town was built. Now includes George Street and the joining streets.

6 The Central Business District
Highest land values so high order services e.g. GAP, Jenners, financial and law institutions. High land values so buildings grow upwards Maximum accessibility for workers AND customers– roads and railways converge e.g. Waverley

7 The Central Business District
Also entertainments e.g. Rose Street bars and restaurants. Pedestrianised area.

8 The Central Business District
Financial institutions e.g. Standard Life headquarters Law institutions e.g. Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre

9 Recent Changes in The CBD
1. Closed streets within the CBD and pedestrianisation e.g. Rose Street Altered road network to include one way system, bus/taxi lanes and cycle lanes e.g. Charlotte Square, Queen Street, Princes Street 3. Modernised city centre shops, including new shopping malls e.g. Harvey Nichols store, Waverley Centre 4. New offices, apartments, and hotels and conference centres e.g. Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), Sheraton Hotel, The Scotsman newspaper offices 5. Renovated tourist facilities and cultural attractions e.g. National Gallery of Scotland, Dynamic Earth exhibition 6. Refurbished or new civic buildings e.g. Scottish Parliament on Holyrood Road 7. Multi-storey car parks adjacent to shopping malls e.g. St James Centre

10 Edinburgh The New Town Northumberland St; Queen St; Stockbridge

11 Edinburgh : The New Town
Very distinctive, planned, pattern of residential crescents and rectangles separated by private gardens Photograph by permission of GetMapping plc

12 Edinburgh : The New Town
high quality stonework – often decorative four or five storey residential is common

13 Edinburgh : The New Town
some poorer buildings (built originally by speculative developers) have been renovated or re-developed

14 Edinburgh : The New Town
mews areas nearby – originally for stables etc now desirable small houses

15 Edinburgh : The New Town
basements and ground floor – may now contain restaurants, small offices or specialist retail outlets e.g. Alpine Bikes in Stockbridge customers have high levels of disposable income

16 Edinburgh : The New Town
large houses may be turned into flats (must conform to strict planning controls) highly desirable properties, therefore well maintained wide streets of original cobbles provide parking (often “nose to footpath”) close to city centre theatres, restaurants etc

17 Edinburgh : The New Town
Photograph by permission of GetMapping plc

18 Assimilation of the Inner City into the CBD = now part of the CBD
Edinburgh Assimilation of the Inner City into the CBD = now part of the CBD Eg Fountainbridge; Gorgie and Dalry

19 Edinburgh : Inner City - assimilation into the CBD
re-development of brown field sites is common - often were industrial replaced by various land uses – residential, commercial, retail, leisure Fountain Park Leisure Complex has multiplex cinema, bowling, McDonalds etc

20 Edinburgh : Inner City - assimilation into the CBD
Photograph by permission of GetMapping plc

21 Edinburgh : Inner City - assimilation into the CBD
sites near the Union Canal have potential as high quality residential or office space “Edinburgh Quays” (beside Union Canal) (Phase 1 complete 2004) will provide apartments, offices, restaurants “The Exchange” – finance related offices with high levels of ICT provision This photo = Scottish Widows Bank HQ

22 Edinburgh : Inner City - assimilation into the CBD
Photograph by permission of GetMapping plc

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