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Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science, India

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1 Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science, India
The growing Importance of Technical and Vocational Training to support Industry Growth Prateek Sanghvi Vice President Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science, India

2 Background Globally education is acknowledged as a means for transforming and empowering the youth with skills, knowledge and, attitudes to enable them become productive members of the society Improving the quality and relevance of TVET as a means of human resources development is a big challenge in countries

3 UNESCO’s SEOUL Congress (1999) Objectives
To provide TVET for all To orient TVET for sustainable development To strengthen TVET as an integral component of lifelong learning

4 Major attributes for a successful TVET
Flexible and industry led curriculum that integrates innovations, vocational and general education and that is delivered through a multidimensional approach Incorporate new education/training technologies into TVET programs Increase international and regional cooperation to strengthen TVET Increase funding of activities relevant to the promotion of TVET Skill building is best done when training/ education conducted in industry Necessary to have industry certification to enhance employability e.g. NSDC in India

5 Model of NSDC in India NSDC Enabling Support and Funding
Incentivizing Services Shaping/Creating

6 National Vocational Education Qualifications Framework in India
NVEQ Levels Bridge Courses (if required) to fill competency gap NIOS/ State Open School/ IGNOU/ State Open Universities Recognition of prior learning assessment of competencies including literacy & numeracy skills and certifications Labor Market

7 Relationship between TVET and Industry
Qualifications Supply side Demand Side Employment System TVET Initial Training Future Training Training & Working Working & Training

8 Role of TVET Institute To Serve as TVET ‘Center of Excellence’
Resource Sharing Providing Trainer’s Training National Curriculum Development and Renewal To Enhance Capacity Training with High Tech Equipment Entrepreneurship Support Institute To Establish Close Relationship with Industry Employment promotions OJT Seminars To Contribute Community Development Development Activities Technology Demonstration Consulting

9 Challenges Bridge the demand for jobs with the actual needs of society
The Image and Status of TVET with a renewed effort to raise the public perception of TVET The Promotion of TVET for Girls and Women TVET Facilities and Equipment TVET Curriculum Reform and Development

10 Industry growth via TVET
Be led by the certain relevant agencies/institutions Integrate and involve the competent and motivated players Recognize relevant stakeholders Be able to attract the needed finances Enable an interdisciplinary work Ensure an exchange of lessons learnt and best practices To combine the resources in the areas of main common interest Identify and realize the related projects Integrating emerging areas of concern

Through education we can lift not just one child but millions of children out of poverty and hopelessness. Taken together, the challenge is how investment in innovating education can be encouraged and supported within the economic and political constraints of our time and with a fighting chance of success THANK YOU

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