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802.11REVmc Editor’s Report – July 2014

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1 802.11REVmc Editor’s Report – July 2014
May 2011 doc.: IEEE /0051r2 May 2014 802.11REVmc Editor’s Report – July 2014 Date: Authors: Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

2 May 2014 Acknowledgement The following folks have aided the technical editor in one way or another during the development of REVmc: Dorothy Stanley, Jon Rosdahl, Mark Hamilton, Mark Rison, Peter Ecclesine, Mike Montemurro, Liwen Chu, Eldad Perahia, Brian Hart, Sai Shankar, James {Yee|Wang|P.K. Gilb}, Assaf Kasher, Carlos Cordeiro, Edward Au, Kaberi Banerjee, Rich Kennedy, Yongho Seok, Carlos Aldana, Gabor Bajko And thank you to Edward Au and Emily Qi, who are sub-editors. Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

3 Editor training for new sub-editors
May 2014 Editor training for new sub-editors Tasks to learn Operation of database Getting the tools Operation through various use cases Filtering operations / search & view Editing comment resolutions Bulk updates Editing status /notes update Interfacing to ePoll and/or MyProject Comment lifecycle Resolving editorial comments Writing editorial comment resolutions Speculative editing in parallel - how to manage Source/version control & parallel editing Subversion tool Repository and credentials Managing parallel editing Via the tool - using "lock" Via informal management Time division Clause division Handling global changes Editing the draft Handling graphics Tagging changes Procedure for a roll-in Phase 1 - content Phase 2 - cross references Creating the redline Volunteer panel review Soliciting volunteers Instructions for review How to respond to reported defects Interactions with IEEE-SA staff MEC - mandatory editorial coordination Publication process MDR responsibilities Managing MDR Compiling the MIB A training program has been established for Emily and Edward We have identified a series of tasks and will be having periodic meetings to train in those tasks Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

4 May 2014 Status of Draft Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

5 May 2014 Page Count Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

6 Reference Documents Draft: P802.11REVmc D3.0 (members’ area)
May 2014 Reference Documents Draft: P802.11REVmc D3.0 (members’ area) WG Ballot composite comments 11-13/0233 LB193 comments start at CID 1000 LB199 comments start at CID 2000 LB202 comments start at CID 3000 Includes pre-ballot comments MAC comment resolutions 11-13/0361 GEN comment resolutions 11-14/0562 MAC/GEN sheets usually used for motioning tech resolutions. Composite SS may lag contents of these sheets during a session, but is the eventual resting place of approved resolutions. Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

7 Comments by ad-hoc Data as of 2014-06-24 May 2014
Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

8 May 2014 Details Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

9 May 2014 Comments by commenter Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

10 May 2014 Assignees Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

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