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Student Accounts Receivable

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1 Student Accounts Receivable
Main Building, Room 4 (512) 475 – 7777

2 Student Accounts Receivable
Tuition Billing and Payments Financial Aid and Zero Bills Tuition Options Traditional vs. Longhorn Fixed Special Billing Situations

3 My Tuition Bill View Tuition Bill Make Tuition Payments
Confirm attendance for a Zero Balance Pay with Financial Aid Access receipts and tuition bill history

4 Where’s My Bill? Tuition bill notifications will be sent
July 31st via s will be sent to the address on the student’s record Reminder s will be sent as the due date approaches

5 Completing Registration
Payments can be made online, at the Cashier’s Office, or by mail Payment is due by 5 p.m. August 17th Registration will be cancelled if payment is not received


7 eProxy Students may designate their parents as an eProxy to access tuition bills, Bevo Bucks, and more eProxy users have their own UT EID and password Go to to learn more

8 Payment Options eCheck Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa (Non-refundable 2.3% convenience charge assessed) Cash, Check, or Money Order

9 Installment Plan 1st payment is approximately 50% of the total plus a $15.00 service charge due by 5 p.m. August 17th 2nd and 3rd installments are each about 25% of the total and are due September 28th and October 26th Students must sign an online promissory note BEFORE making first installment payment



12 Tuition Loans Institutionally awarded and applied directly to the tuition bill To apply, click on the link for “Tuition Loans” on the “My Tuition Bill” website Repayment is due 30 to 90 days from when the loan is awarded

13 Financial Aid (Partial Coverage)
Partial Coverage – Automatically applied to the tuition bill Student must pay remaining balance by the due date


15 Financial Aid (Full Coverage)
Full Coverage – Go to “My Tuition Bill” and click the Pay With Financial Aid button A balance will continue to show as due until awards are released at the beginning of the semester



18 Zero Bill A third-party, exemption/waiver, or UT department is covering the entire tuition bill Go to “My Tuition Bill” and click the Confirm Attendance button by 5 p.m. August 17th Attendance must be confirmed by 5 p.m. August 17th or registration will be cancelled



21 Added Classes/Refunds
Bills are not distributed for added classes Payment is due by 5 p.m. September 14th Tuition refunds for dropped classes will be issued 1-2 weeks after September 14th Visit the “Where’s My Check” website to check the status of a refund

22 Tuition Options – Traditional Flat Rate
Tuition varies by college 12+ hours costs the same Subject to increases as approved by the Board of Regents Default tuition

23 Tuition Options – Longhorn Fixed Tuition
Tuition varies by college; 12+ hours costs the same Locks tuition rates for 4 academic years; not the same rates as Traditional Tuition Decision must be made by the 12th class day of a student’s first semester (5 p.m. September 14th) Visit for more information

24 Valedictorian Exemption
Highest ranking graduate of an accredited Texas high school Covers tuition for the first two long semesters Students can or give an official copy of their valedictorian certificate signed by the Texas Education Agency to our office

25 Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan
Provide Student Accounts Receivable via a copy of the TGTP ID card, UT EID and semester to start using the plan Covers resident tuition; other fees must be paid by the tuition payment deadline Students with zero bills must confirm attendance prior to the payment deadline

26 Texas Tuition Promise Fund
Plan purchaser must go to the TTPF website and authorize units to be used at “University of Texas at Austin” using the student’s UT EID Please authorize units 3 weeks prior to deadline Plan covers resident tuition; optional fees must be paid by the tuition deadline Student with zero bills must confirm attendance prior to the payment deadline

27 529 College Savings Payments are made in agreement with individual plans Must be sent as a check; wire transfers are not accepted Payment deadlines must be met

28 Non-UT Scholarships Must include the student’s name and UT EID
Send to the Office of Financial Aid See for more information on scholarships

29 Scholarship Disbursement
Scholarships will pay outstanding balances such as tuition and housing when released Remaining funds will be released to the student

30 Veteran Benefits Includes the G.I. Bill and Hazlewood exemption
Veteran Certification in the Office of the Registrar

31 Other Special Billing Situations
Additional information about exemptions, waivers and third party billing is available on our website:

32 Things to Take Away Tuition bills will be payable starting July 31st
Action required by 5 p.m. August 17th Click a button or make a payment Look for the “Your registration is complete and your courses are secured” message

33 Student Accounts Receivable
MAI 4 (512) 475 – 7777 @UTAustinTuition Hook ‘em Horns!

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