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Group II Priorities for Knowledge Sharing & Promotion of Innovation.

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1 Group II Priorities for Knowledge Sharing & Promotion of Innovation

2 What would we like to see happen in the next COSOP period of 2010-2015 IFAD contributes to poverty and hunger alleviation more through knowledge and innovation than through financial support IFAD facilitates India taking its knowledge and innovations to the world IFAD –supported initiatives increase development effectiveness and impact by having access to the right knowledge, at the right time in the hands of the right people IFAD-supported initiatives promote and incentivize creativity and innovations by design and concerted efforts at replication and up-scaling

3 Expanding knowledge creation, sharing & application Customize content, format and media for different audiences Sourcing knowledge from individuals, communities & institutions at local, regional, national & global levels Capture, create, document, share and facilitate application Ensure dedicated competencies, people skills and resources Sharing and dissemination with emphasis on exposure visits, training and providing opportunities and platforms for interactions Take full account of language and cultural factors

4 Priorities for knowledge & innovation Development for remote, marginal and vulnerable peoples requires being holistic and not sectoral Technical/scientific, social-political, process, and managerial innovation in: Managing development Learning from successes & failures Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry & fisheries Common property resources Hunger and malnutrition Local and Traditional knowledge Knowledge from all other sources Tribal populations Gender Enterprise Markets Financial services

5 Replication & Upscaling: Opportunities & Challenges Replication & upscaling should be a part of design and the exit strategy Requires evidence-based demonstration of success High quality, comparative advantage and neutrality increases credibility Requires proactive marketing to create demand from below and policy interest from above Facilitated by taking into consideration the adaptability to local contexts, available institutions, policy priorities, resource availability, local political contexts, etc. Upscaling requires planned expansion in stages

6 Creative use of grants for synergy with loans For example, use grants to: Scouting for innovations & knowledge Challenge Competitions to collect, recognize and incentivize innovations Establish society to fund applied research to support development initiatives Fund incubation of innovations and take them to markets to benefit the rural poor

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