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Web Site Promotion Week 9.

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1 Web Site Promotion Week 9

2 Objectives Online promotion techniques Online advertising
Offline promotion techniques Measuring advertising effectiveness

3 Some Definitions Online promotion – uses communication via the internet itself to raise awareness about a site and drive traffic to it. Offline promotion – uses traditional media such as television or newspaper advertising and word of mouth to promote a company’s web site

4 Online Promotion Techniques
Banner advertisements Other methods of linking to sites Techniques are combined in what is known as a traffic-building campaign This is a method of increasing the audience of a site using different online and possibly offline techniques

5 Online Advertising – A Basic Model
Portal Content: Corporate web site General news service Portal Audience of web site page Containing Advertisement Page or ad impressions Proportion Who click On banner Advertisement Clickthrough 2-10 per cent Proportion Who take Action Marketing outcome

6 Key Concepts of Advertising
Old media New media Space Expensive commodity Cheap, unlimited Time For marketers for users Image creation Image is everything Information secondary Information is everything Image is secondary Communication Push, one-way Pull, interactive Call to action Incentives Information (incentives)

7 Main Differences The cost of advertising in the new medium reduces as more space becomes available It is the customer who initiates the dialogue who will expect his or her specific needs to be addressed. Web marketers need to promote their web sites effectively in order that customers find the information they are looking for The user’s time is valuable and the time interacting with the user will be limited so this time must be maximized Information is the main currency. Supplying information is arguably more important than appealing to emotions

8 Purpose of Banner Advertising
Delivering content Enabling transaction Shaping attitudes Soliciting response Encouraging retention

9 How Well Does Banner Advertising Work
Online advertising is more likely to be noticed than television ads Lower advertisement to editorial ratio on web pages 90% text to 10% ads) Web users use the medium actively rather than passively

10 Locations of Banners Portals Generalized news services
Specialized interest sites

11 Internet Advertising Options
Media buys (advertisements) Ad content Banners Static Animated Interactive Advertising site Corporate site Brand site Distributor site Media buys drive traffic to ad content Co-branded content Sponsorship Nested content Microsite Within banner Interstitials Static Animated interactive

12 Payment Models Per exposure – through ad impressions or possibly through the length of time the user views an advertisement Per response – payment only occurs according to the number of clickthroughs that occur Per action – payment according to a marketing outcome

13 Making Banner Advertising Work
Appropriate incentives are needed to achieve clickthrough Creative design needs to be tested extensively Appropriate keywords are needed Placement of advertisement and timing need to be considered carefully Consider the clickthrough quality, not just the quantity Build the infrastructure to deal with the response

14 Forms of Advertising Advertising networks – collections of independent web sites from different companies and media networks, each of which has an arrangement with an advertising broker to place banner ads Affiliate networks – collection of web sites that link to an online retailer in exchange for commission on purchases made from the retailer

15 The Future of Online Advertising
The size of audience is likely to be constrained by the cost of buying devices to access the internet Message is delivered using limited space on screen, and with limited use of sound and motion Efficacy of advertising may decline as users become familiar with advertisements Advertising inventory is always increasing as new sites go online and size of existing sites increase increasing the costs to place an ad

16 Other Online Promotion Methods
Promotion in search engines and directories Links from other sites: co-branding and sponsorship Using for advertising Liszt Kim Bayne’s personal site Online advertising Clickz Internet advertising organization

17 Loyalty Techniques and Online Schemes
The process of adoption follows the stages of: Knowledge Persuasion Decision as to whether to trial product Implementation of trial Confirmation of product as valuable

18 Site Announcements What’s New web page Directories and search engines
Newsgroups Newsletters Books and magazines thal list web sites

19 On-site Promotion Techniques
Sponsoring of an event, team or sports personality A treasure hunt on different pages of the site, with a prize A screensaver A site-related quiz Monthly product discount on an e-commerce site Regularly updated information indicated by current date or date new content is added

20 Offline Promotion Techniques
Put your URL everywhere Using traditional media advertise the URL address People can be directed to the web address for information rather than calling a phone number Include URL on stationery Use PR to publicize the site

21 Integrating Online and Offline Techniques
Callback service Sales promotions Relative importance of offline and online promotion techniques

22 Measuring Advertising effectiveness
Create a measurement process Identify the measures to use Specify the online measurement methods to use Measure individual behavior Customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand impact

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