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GBV survey: progress EUROSTAT 20 March 2018.

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1 GBV survey: progress EUROSTAT 20 March 2018

2 Repeated calls of Council and EP: develop GBV survey in the ESS
Background Repeated calls of Council and EP: develop GBV survey in the ESS Progress of the GBV project was reported to WG 2017 meeting WG set up a TF on GBV in 2016, currently: DE, EE, ES, FR, HR, IT, LV, LU, HU, NL, PT, SI Grant action with ISTAT to support the work Decided to start to work on development of the survey 2016, real work started in January 2017. To support this work TF and Grant action with ISTAT. Members of TF – a bit changed: SE, AT cancelled their participation, MS who conducted pretesting of the questionnaire were invited to join: EE, HR, SI accepted Additionally to MS, three private experts, representatives from DG JUST, HEUNI, EIGE, FRA. Last meeting also expert from Canada to share their experiences and learn from us.

3 TF meetings and written discussions
1st meeting: February 2017 – review of existing experiences, scope of the survey, indicators Written consultations: April 2017 – list of variables 2nd meeting: June 2017 – 1st draft questionnaire Online discussion: August 2017 – questionnaire for pretesting 3rd meeting: 7-8 March 2018 – pretesting results, improving the questionnaire Online discussion: March – questionnaire for pilot survey

4 Aim of call for proposals 2017
To test the draft questionnaire and the draft methodology prepared and to conduct a small scale gender based violence pilot survey at national level in order to prepare the final common questionnaire and methodology to be implemented in EU Member States.

5 Topics (call for proposals 2017)
Translating and pretesting the questionnaire (from October 2017 to January 2018) Conducting the pilot survey at national level (methodology will be shared in May 2018, questionnaire in June 2018, end of work: January 2019) Conducting methodological tests (until January 2019): To compare pilot survey results with administrative data/earlier survey(s) data; assess the impact of methodological changes If pilot survey not conducted, assess the impact of methodological changes based on existing surveys/data

6 all 11 conducting pilot survey
Proposals 11 countries (BG, EE, ES, HR, IS, LT, LV, MT, NL, PL, SI) sent their applications 8 countries (EE, ES, HR, IS, MT, NL, PL, SI): translating and pretesting all 11 conducting pilot survey 4 countries (HR, IS, NL, PL): conducting methodological tests

7 Grant 2017 Action 1: pretesting the questionnaire is finished
Action 2: pilot survey: Questionnaire: April 2018 Methodology: May-June 2018 Fieldwork: until November 2018 Methodological reports: January 2019 Action 3 and 4: methodological reports will be delivered in January 2019

8 Call of proposals 2018 Around 1 million euros used for the 2017 grants on a budget available of 4.4 million After discussion at last DSS meeting and with DG JUST it was decided to use 1 million euros provided by the European Parliament for a second call for piloting and methodological analyses

9 Call of proposals 2018 Topic 1 excluded, however, translating and adapting the questionnaire at national level included under "conducting pilot survey" Published end of January 2018 Deadline to submit the proposals: 20 March 2018 Duration of action: June 2018 – September 2019

10 Way forward Finalise the questionnaire for pilot survey: April 2018
Next TF meeting: May 2018: to discuss the methodology including sampling, recommended interviewing modes and interviewers training, treating non-response, confidentiality and security during the for the pilot survey Pilot survey at national level

11 Way forward Present the results of national pilot surveys in the next WG meeting Prepare the final questionnaire and methodology for the main survey in 2019 Implementation of the main survey from 2020 onwards, the intention is to provide the necessary funding. Last time we promised to present final questionnaire WG 2019, this seems now unrealistic

12 Conclusion WG is invited to take note of the work ongoing with the TF on the development of the GBV survey

13 Thank you for your attention!
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