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Job Interview Types and Questions By : MuSa Mohammad.

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1 Job Interview Types and Questions By : MuSa Mohammad

2 Types of interview Face to face: Group inter view :

3 Types of interview Telephone Interview: The Audition Interview

4 How To Take During The Interview A positive & carefully speaker. Belief that you have something valuable to offer to this organization. Knowledge that youve prepared well for this big event and youre ready. Dont be rude. You can make a list of questions to ask about the organization and position

5 Interview Questions There are a few questions that interviewees particularly dislike. TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF? This question is often used as an opening question. The interviewer wants you to: highlight and summarize your background (education, training, and experience) as it relates to the job youre being considered for

6 WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? This one should be a snap since the whole purpose of the work search process is selling yourself, you should able to answer this one confidently, clearly It requires the practice of saying your strengths to yourself and to others until you get comfortable doing it.

7 WHAT ARE YOUR WEAKNESSES? This question is difficult because most interviewees understand that their role is to convince the employer to hire them. To reveal weaknesses is to supply the interviewer with information and reasons not to hire. There is the conflict, for this reason you should use your mined and reflect the question or you can say something not important

8 After The Interview Is End Hand shake with the interviewers Smile on the face Say some sentences that make you sure that you are taking the job thank you, I hope the answer will be soon. Be positive


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