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Student Job Centre 2012 Sault College Career Essentials Job Search Techniques.

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1 Student Job Centre 2012 Sault College Career Essentials Job Search Techniques

2 Student Job Centre 2012 Planning and Organizing Your Job Search To make your job search most efficient & organized youll need: A desk with good lighting in a quiet environment Office supplies - pens, paper, envelopes, stamps, stapler, etc. A telephone with an answering machine A computer with a printer and the Internet If you do not have access to any of these, the Sault College Student Job Centre in A0150 has them available for your use

3 Student Job Centre 2012 Ensure you have enough professional and business casual clothes to wear for when you attend interviews and potentially to your new job When you do find yourself successful for a job, you will need to have a Social Insurance Number and valid birth certificate If you do not have these items now, apply for them so you will have them when you start a new job Preparation

4 Student Job Centre 2012 Job Search Tips Remember no one owes you a job. If you want one you are going to have to go out looking for it The more time and effort you put into your job search, the more likely you are to find the job you want You must be willing to change your tactics if what you are doing is not successful Talk to successful job seekers you know to find out what they did to obtain employment Be persistent. Send a resume and follow up within a few days and again in a few months

5 Student Job Centre 2012 Go after the job that you want the most Apply at both large and small organizations Talk to your Chamber of Commerce to see what businesses are just starting up Use the Yellow Pages for a full listing of all organizations in your community Your job search should be your full time job. You should be spending 35 hours a week between looking for jobs, personalizing cover letters and resumes, talking to employers on the phone and meeting with them in person Job Search Tips

6 Student Job Centre 2012 Telephone Strategies Have a list of your skills by the phone Write out what you plan to say and rehearse it several times Stand up when you are speaking to potential employers. Your voice is clearer and more forceful Smile while you talk If you can, connect your reason for calling the employer, they will be more interested (i.e. I received your name from… or I just saw your name in…

7 Student Job Centre 2012 After you reach a potential employer, describe in one sentence your greatest personal strength or skill and experience. Ask if there is a job opening for someone with your skills and background For example I am a recent graduate from the Business Accounting program at Sault College and I have worked at XYZ Company as an Accounting Clerk. I am calling to find out whether you may have any openings in your company for someone with my skills and experience. If they say yes, try to arrange an interview. If they say no, ask them if they know anyone else who may be hiring. Telephone Strategies

8 Student Job Centre 2012 Telephone Strategies If you get objections from the employer, use terms like I understand or I can appreciate your position etc. Make sure you thank the employer, whether or not they have actually helped you Dont be discouraged by rejection. Dont take it personally. It is no reflection on you, it is a reflection on the current situation of that particular employer Remember to treat everyone you meet with courtesy. Front line or secretarial staff have the inside track with the boss and may be involved in final hiring decisions

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