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© 2006 AT&T. All rights Reserved. AT&T Southwest VDB and ERDB Systems AT&T Southwest VDB and ERDB Systems.

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1 © 2006 AT&T. All rights Reserved. AT&T Southwest VDB and ERDB Systems AT&T Southwest VDB and ERDB Systems

2 Page 2 Todays Environment Todays ALI database systems perform three main functions: 1.Validation of a subscribers street address against an MSAG. 2.Assignment of an ESN for call routing and Selective Transfer. 3.Management and delivery of the record associated with a Telephone Number.

3 Page 3 Here comes Tomorrow In i2, i3 and going forward, those functions will be broken out into separate but related systems. 1.Address validation performed by a Validation Database (VDB). 2.Routing determination by an ESZ Routing Database (ERDB). 3.Management and provision of the subscriber record will be managed by a Location Information System (LIS).

4 Page 4 Why the Change? This redesign is necessary because of changes in the telecommunications market and infrastructure. The old, centralized model is no longer viable in the Internet Age. Address validation and call routing information must now be accessed by a host of new service providers using the Internet. This open access creates a host of security issues, requires some new functionality and new data management techniques.

5 Page 5 What will the 9-1-1 call flow look like? VDB Subscriber

6 Page 6 VPC, VDB, ERDB Voice Positioning Center) 1.VPC (Voice Positioning Center)= Uses location information to request routing information from the ERDB that is associated with the callers location. 2.VDB (Validation Database)= Address Validation matches addresses from civic to MSAG-valid 3.ERDB (Emergency Service Zone Routing Database)= Sends call routing data back to VPC VDB Subscriber 1 3 2

7 Page 7 What is a VDB? - Validation Data Base Contains Postal address guide for a designated area. Contains MSAG information for the same area. Uses various software to match the MSAG to postal addresses. VDB Subscriber

8 Page 8 Validation Database – VDB 1.Receives Validation Request with a location Postal Civic Landmark/Placename Alias or AKA MSAG 2.Returns Response Code Valid or Invalid ID If invalid will return up to 10 alternatives Geo location (optional) VDB

9 Page 9 Subscriber enters current address App Server Subscriber

10 Page 10 Whats in a VDB? 1.Postal Link Builder creates Street and Community Links that match Postal to MSAG. 2.V7 Web Service accepts a Postal address and looks in Street Link for a match. 3.If a match isnt found, it uses sound-alike processes like: Soundex and Oracle Text to find possible alternate addresses. VDB

11 Page 11 Building the VDB USPS MSAG VDB VDB DMI

12 Page 12 Invalid Address – Alternates proposed Up to 10 alternates proposed Additional screening Zip Code Further limits alternates proposed

13 Page 13 VDB Maintenance

14 Page 14 ERDB V8 Query - 9-1-1 Call Flow VDB Subscriber

15 Page 15 What is an ERDB? Emergency Service Zone Routing Data Base Contains the same Master and Link data as the VDB. Contains and returns to the VPC Routing Instructions similar to Selective Routing Tables in 9-1-1 selective routing tandems and ALI systems. ERDB

16 Page 16 ERDB Return Data When queried by the VPC, the ERDB returns: 1.The Emergency Services Routing Number 1.The Emergency Services Routing Number (ESRN) which identifies at least the SR and/or a specific trunk group into the SR. 2.The Emergency Services Number 2.The Emergency Services Number (ESN) for the ESZ in which the caller is located. 3.The Contingency Routing Number 3.The Contingency Routing Number (CRN). This is an optional 10-digit telephone number to which the 9-1-1 call would be routed if the VPC was unable to connect the call to the SR (i.e. PSAP 24/7 number). 4.The MSAG valid address

17 Page 17 VDB/ERDB Architecture VDB The VDB is analogous to the MSAG verification process in a Service Order Processor (SOP) or Database Management System (DBMS). ERDB The ERDB is analogous to an Selective Routing Database or ALI node supporting selective routing. All data maintenance is replicated to dual ERDBs for redundancy and Fault Tolerance. Reliable and proven software tools and subsystems, like Oracle and Web Logic, are used to build the system.

18 Page 18 ERDB Returns Civic Included Geo Included MSAG Match Geo Code Found Routing Method MSAG Returned YNYn/aMSAGY YNNYGeoN YNNNDefault RouteN YYYn/aMSAGY YYNn/aGeoN NYn/a GeoN NNn/a Error ReturnedN

19 Page 19 Building the ERDB GIS VDB GIS GIS DMI (e.g. ARC GIS) Voice Positioning Centers (VPC) V8 ERDB

20 Page 20 The MSAG of the Future The VDB and ERDB systems are deployed as an integrated system, since their functions and data requirements are so closely related. Over time, management of the MSAG will migrate into the combined VDB/ERDB system. This will be where the master copy of the MSAG is managed. All other systems using MSAG data will get their updates from the VDB/ERDB system. Tools are available that use GIS to maintain the MSAG. This represents a significant advancement over manual management of tabular MSAG files and will combine the process of MSAG and map management.

21 Page 21 Its worth the effort This all is just a new way of managing Address, MSAG and Routing data. Integrates Postal and GIS with MSAG data for the first time. Distributes intelligence that was centralized. Positions 9-1-1 for Next Generation. VDB Subscriber

22 Page 22 E9-1-1 must evolve to support new call origination types Long-term E9-1-1 will not operate as it does today. E9-1-1 must continue to provide equal or better service to Public Safety for the Publics safety. Likely Scenario: 9-1-1 will make use of a hybrid migratory path to support VoIP (NENA i1, pre-i2, i2, i3). Its worth the effort! Contact your AT&T Account Manager for more information and/or a demonstration of the VDB/ERDB!

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