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PACTS Online Tools Adriana Golumbeanu, Loretta Brown and Randall Richardson Office of Federal Programs.

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1 PACTS Online Tools Adriana Golumbeanu, Loretta Brown and Randall Richardson Office of Federal Programs

2 PACTS Program Audit and Compliance Tracking System

3 PACTS A four-tiered compliance monitoring system To fulfill oversight responsibilities as required by the No Child Left Behind Act and ESEA Monitors legal requirements

4 Agenda PACTS Overview –Telephone –Onsite –Self Survey PACTS –Resources and tools

5 Procedure for Monitoring the Three-year Cohort All districts are randomly selected for compliance monitoring in a three-year cycle Each year 1/3 of the districts receiving titles I,II-A, III, VIB, IDEA-B and ECSE funds are monitored.

6 Basic PACTS Framework Onsite Telephone Self Survey Data Quality Review Compliance Framework: Four-Tiered Approach

7 Review Criteria for Onsite 10% including the urban LEAs receive an onsite if: 1) Are in Priority, Focus, Alert and SI status 2) Have an allocation greater than $300,000

8 Telephone Survey Criteria District Level leadership changes Audit/Monitoring/CCIP issues Random Selection/Last review date/Consultant initiated

9 Self Survey Criteria All LEAs in the cohort for the present fiscal year must complete PACTS Self Survey. If LEAs in the cohort do not complete the Self Survey they must do a Telephone Survey in the following year

10 All users must have a SAFE account The LEA OEDS-R administrator can give access. All superintendents have the password to SAFE. PACTS Self Survey

11 Self-evaluation: Access: Click on PACTS once you log in to SAFE PACTS

12 Access: Click on Audit and Compliance-Federal Programs (PACTS-Federal)

13 Access: Overview

14 Access: Questions



17 Check the box to indicate the documentation

18 Telephone and Onsite Questions layout-like the Self Survey Schedule Tab Compliance Docs Tab-documentation required (red asterisk for the Telephone Survey) Onsite-more extensive than the Telephone

19 Technical Assistance TA if items are completed but not meeting requirements Many times-deadlines, make sure to check

20 Noncompliance If items are not compliant- red Issues/Caps items are created The LEA will have to create a Corrective Action Plan and submit it to PACTS Follow-up with a Telephone Survey the next year


22 Compliance Tools Review CCIP application Telephone Survey Document Onsite Review Document CCIP Notes Consultant Checklist

23 PACTS Support Materials: in the CCIP, Document library

24 Identify Key Staff Leadership Staff Federal Programs Consultant

25 Key Contact Questions Interview arrangements Document requests Logistics

26 What to Share LEA parent involvement policy School parent involvement plan School-Parent Compact

27 What to Share Annual Meeting Parents Right-to-Know

28 What NOT to Share Student Identification Do not upload large documents (financial/fiduciary, HQT worksheets for all teachers/tutors/paraprofessionals), etc. Any large documents should be kept available on site

29 PACTS Documentation Create a folder for each category Provide letters, surveys, data or assurances needed to comply with the criteria Review the PACTS document requirements

30 PACTS Documentation How long should the documents be kept? 3 years What documents should we keep? E.g. Comparability reports (knowledge management/institutional memory) Where should the documents be kept? District and school offices

31 Non Public Make sure to: Collect evidence of consultation Review process and collect all contracts for services provided to non-public schools Goods and services procurement is at the district level.

32 Collaborate Some regions have meetings and share best practices, review materials, programs, documentation strategies, or navigation techniques for federal programs. Organize your documents and materials.

33 Prep The Principals Make sure that the Principal understands Title I requirements and is able to articulate program design and implementation.

34 Title I was not built in a day Principals should embrace the ideology of Title I requirements and effectively implement the program to benefit the students.

35 Ask questions If you do not understand what is needed ask clarifying questions

36 PACTS Findings HQT Parent Right to Know Fiscal –Equipment and Time and Effort –Procurement

37 Technical Assistance What are the gaps in the program and how better understanding can remedy gaps

38 Corrective Action Steps to be taken and required actions What to submit to ODE What happens next

39 Questions?

40 For More Information

41 Social Media @OHEducation ohio-department-of-education Ohio Families and Education Ohio Teachers Homeroom OhioEdDept

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