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By Constanza Lermanda G.. Topic: Electronic NewspaperDuration of the lesson: 50 minutesGrade Level: 12th.

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1 By Constanza Lermanda G.

2 Topic: Electronic NewspaperDuration of the lesson: 50 minutesGrade Level: 12th.

3 Goals of the lesson: Students will: - Improve their readin skills. - Enrich their vocabulary. - Gain some cultural knowledge. - Be up-to-date with current situations in the world.

4 Students will be able to identify the various sections of a newspaper; also, they will be able to skim, scan, and summarize newspaper articles. Objectives - Todays newspaper (English version, such as USA Today or local newspaper) - Multimedia language lab (computers with Internet access) - Teacher-prepared copies of selected articles from e-paper Materials

5 1.Discuss techniques for "how to read the newspaper," and introduce the elements of the newspaper, such as headlines, pictures, topic sentences, body, etc. 2.Next, talk about the definitions and importance of "skimming" and "scanning." 3.Use todays local newspaper to demonstrate these two techniques. Ask the students when and why they need to use these techniques (have students brainstorm). Skimming: Quickly running one's eyes across a whole text to get the gist. It gives readers the advantage of being able to predicate the purpose of the passage, the main topic. Scanning: Quickly searching for some particular pieces of information in a text. Scanning exercises may ask students to look for names, dates, to find a definition of a key concept, or to list a certain number of supporting details. The purpose of scanning is to extract specific information without reading through the whole text. Warm Up (10 minutes)

6 Introduce and show the web site, "Online Newspapers thousands of world newspapers at your fingertips ( After making sure every student's computer is at the web site, ask students to locate different topic areas -- front page, weather, sports, classified, entertainment, etc. Next, go back to the news section; assign well-known headline international news and ask students to find information about the news by looking through different countries/newspapers. Then ask students to select one article, use skimming and scanning techniques, and summarize the article. Finally, select several students to report their summaries and then compare theirs with other students' summaries. Communicative Activity (15 minutes)

7 Focus Practice 25 minutes Activity I: Pass out a selected e-paper article to each pair of students. Students will discover that the first sentence from each paragraph has been deleted. Ask students to put the sentences back into the correct places in the text. When finished, have each pair of students discuss their answers with another pair. Activity II: Give each pair of students another article -- this time jumble the paragraphs for the students to re-order. Activity III: Give each pair a third article. Highlight some words in the text and ask students to deduce their meanings from the context.

8 Assessment

9 Instead of having students looking for their own newspaper on the net, I would bring a newspaper to the classroom so students can look through its pages themselves. Warm up I would tell students to identify the parts of the e-newspaper, from which the teacher chose the article they are going to work on. I would not apply the part in which students have to look for the same piece of news in different newspapers. (They might get too distracted and forget the focus of the activity) I would give students some questions as a reference before they skim or scan the text. Communicative Activity I would give students different options of articles, so they can choose in which one they are going to be evaluated. Assessment

10 Original lesson plan by Ying-Ying Chuang. Lesson Plan taken from: bin/printlessons.cgi/Virtual/Lessons/Foreign_Language/English_Second_ Language/ESL0204.html

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