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Writing Towards SUCCESS

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1 Writing Towards SUCCESS
Persuasive Writing Techniques

2 Take a Stance or Statement of Opinion
A persuasive essay is used to convince a person or audience to see things your way. In order to do that you MUST take a stand. You must assert your view on them. Words/Phrases to use: In my opinion, I believe, There is no doubt that, It is my belief that, From my point of view, It seems to me that, I agree with, I disagree with, I question whether, I maintain that

3 Use persuasive techniques
The famous philosopher, Aristotle, came up with the art of rhetoric to persuade and audience: Rhetoric Logos= Logic Pathos= Emotions (fear, sadness, happiness) Ethos= Ethics, Image, using a famous person’s image

4 Logos An argument based on facts , evidence, and reason Using this method means appealing to the reader’s sense of what makes sense based on logic.

5 Ethos Ethos is an argument based on character.
Using ethos means the writer or speaker appeals to the audience’s sense of ethical behavior. The writer or speaker presents him or herself to the audience as credible, trustworthy, honest and ethical.

6 Pathos Argument based on emotions. In order to use this the author must appeal to the reader’s emotions.

7 Additional techniques
Use parallelism in order to drive your point home. Use rhetorical questions in order to further your point.

8 Examples: Identify if the following are utilizing Ethos, Pathos, or Logos.
A. If a holocaust victim were to discuss their life in a concentration camp. Answer: Ethos: A holocaust victim can explain first hand what they went through and are a credible source. B. If a news broadcast shows the footage of the twin towers falling on 911. Answer: Pathos: The falling of the towers would make people feel sad and think of the fear brought on by terrorism. C. If a reporter explains how 1,696 students are victims to bullying in Miami Dade County. Answer: Logos: The report explains factual numbers and statistics to bring awareness to bullying.

9 Persuasive Essay= Use persuasive techniques all throughout
Introduction Hook Stance/Statement of Opinion with thesis Justifier Topic Sentence with transition word or phrase FRIESS Persuasive techniques One line with objection or refutation Body Paragraphs Conclusion Topic Sentence with transition Look to the future, stress your points, persuasive techniques Clincher!

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