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Capital TV Corporate Profile

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1 Capital TV Corporate Profile

2 Network: HB Media (Pvt) Ltd founded by Dr. Basit Sheikh has launched Capital TV as one of the leading News Channels of Pakistan. Capital TV is an Urdu language News and Current Affairs channel. Its Head Office is situated in Islamabad, with bureau offices all across Pakistan. Capital TV is now available throughout Pakistan on local cable operators.

3 Management: Dr. Basit Riaz Sheikh, Ph.D. from Cornell University, USA, serves as the Managing Director for Capital TV. A true believer in the freedom of media, and its ability to inform public discourse, Dr. Basit is committed to transform and revolutionize the media industry in Pakistan.

4 Dr. Basit was the Head Boy at Aitchison College and a recipient of the Jubilee Medal, a rare achievement reserved for only the best and the brightest. He went on to pursue his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, USA, in Computer and Electrical Engineering. His tireless pursuit of academic excellence landed him a spot at the prestigious AVLSI Lab at Cornell University, where he received his doctorate degree in Computer Engineering. Dr. Basit’s work on the design of fast energy-efficient microprocessor chips and supercomputers is appreciated across the globe. He was awarded the Best Paper award for his innovative processor design at the prestigious IEEE Annual International Symposium on Integrated Circuits and Systems held at Grenoble, France in May, Dr. Basit gained invaluable experience during his work at three of the leading Fortune 100 companies: Intel Corporation, Applied Materials Inc., and Nationals Instruments Inc. Dr. Basit has also served as the honorary Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Information Technology and Telecom. During his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Service Fund, telecom, broadband, and telemedicine services were extended to the farthest areas of Pakistan to bring the entire country in digital fold.

5 Our Vision: Our Mission:
In the world of first to Breaking News Capital TV will strive to provide authentic and accurate News to our viewers which will be backed up by extensive follow ups and debates so that it can become an agent of change. Our Mission: Capital TV is committed to deliver News with a real understanding of the issues Pertaining to our country. Our mission is to engage, inform and inspire viewers across cultural and ideological divides through innovative media.

6 Tag Line:

7 Popular Anchors: Fahd Husain  began his career as a writer at The Daily Muslim, and has since evolved over the last two decades to be a tour-de-force in the electronic media industry in Pakistan. He has since held senior positions at The Nation and Gulf News and served as the editor of The News. In 2001, he went to the prestigious Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York, USA, where he graduated at the top of his class, was elected president of his class, and awarded both the Pulitzer Travelling Fellowship and the Jack R. Howard Scholarship. Fahd Husain worked at Pakistan Television Corporation as a anchor for several shows, at the foreign desk at CBS News in New York, as well as hosting Pakistan's first independent English talk show on Geo TV, and as Director International Affairs at ARY One World TV. Starting in 2006, he designed the entire setup for Express News from scratch, including the physical and electronic infrastructure, conducting thousands of interviews for filling key positions, training the entire staff and establishing the channel as the second most watched news network within three months of launch. He also served as Director News of Express 24/7, which was at one point Pakistan's only 24-hour English news network, and as Executive Director News at Dunya TV. Most recently, he hosted shows in the 10 pm slot at both ARY News and Waqt News TV.

8 Nasim Zehra is a Pakistani anchor and a columnist. Ms
Nasim Zehra is a Pakistani anchor and a columnist. Ms. Zehra, was Director Current Affairs at Dunya Television and host of Policy Matters. She is trained in international security and business management, writes and lectures internationally and nationally on national and international political and security issues. She also taught at School of Advanced International Studies, Washington and Quaid-e-Azam University. She was also Pakistan’s Special Envoy on UN Reforms, representing the country on many international visits. She has recently joined Capital TV       .

9 Asma Chaudhry is a Pakistani female journalist and anchor
Asma Chaudhry is a Pakistani female journalist and anchor. Asma Chaudhry has been associated with the field of journalism for more than 10 years. She started her career as Sub-Editor in Jang Group of Newspapers, Asma soon got associated with the state television and worked there as a producer. She was the recipient of PTV Award for program Vision Pakistan in Later she worked with the top rated channels of Pakistan as a producer and then anchored renowned programs such as Parliament Cafeteria on Geo News, In Session on Dunya News and Target Point on DawnNews. She has received various awards including Best Female Anchor 2011 and 2012 and 8th Women Excellence Award. She has recently joined Capital TV. .

10 Ejaz Haider has been a newspaperman since 1991, starting his career at The Frontier Post, Lahore. During his career he has held several editorial positions and was the News Editor of The Friday Times and Executive Editor of Daily Times. Haider has also done television and hosted a talk-show on Dawn News and later on Samaa TV. He was a Ford Scholar at ACDIS (Program in Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1997) and a visiting fellow at the Foreign Policy Studies Program at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C ( ). He is a Visiting Fellow at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute in Islamabad and Anchor and Editor, National Security Affairs at Capital TV. He writes a weekly column for Express Tribune. .

11 Javed Iqbal who started his career as the Media and Protocol Officer at University of Peshawar, is now counted amongst the best news anchors in the country. He was a pioneer news anchor on Geo News, Dunya News and other top channels in Pakistan, and has also proved his mettle as a current affairs host. He now works for Capital TV. .

12 Baaylaag Popular Shows: Airing Days: Mon-Thu Airing Time: 10:05 PM
Anchor: Ejaz Haider Synopsis: Ejaz Haider is seasoned journalist with a dynamic personality. With a track record of good journalistic credentials, he has been affiliated with local or international newspapers and magazines in the past. His area of expertise includes defense, foreign policy, war strategy and international affairs. In addition he is well versed with local issues and dynamics of terrorism. He is forthcoming in his views and expresses himself without any inhibition. His approach is non apologetic to the point and with panache. .

13 Inkar Airing Days: Mon-Fri Airing Time: 7:05 PM Anchor: Javed Iqbal
Synopsis: Three top stories of the day will be covered --- a popular style to cover the burning topics of the day. Since most of the TV channels do the same format in their 8 pm or 10 pm time slot, we will have an advantage that we will discuss all those top hot issues of the day thus the similar programs on other channels will look STALE or follow ups of our program. Javed Iqbal is not new to CA programming and has this Awami on screen persona; there are good chances that he will be able to pull in the viewership quickly. .

14 Mumkin Airing Days: Fri-Sun Airing Time: 8:05 PM Anchor: Asma Chaudhry
Synopsis: Mumkin is an indoor program of Current Affairs. The sitting arrangement is traditional but the treatment is different. In the beginning the issue s identified through a report and then the issue is discussed in the program with probing questions and well researched arguments. It covers stories of public interest including political issues as well as social affecting the people of the country. .

15 Hum Sab Airing Days: Fri-Sun Airing Time: 10:05 PM Anchor: Nasim Zehra
Synopsis: It’s a studio based 1+3 show focusing on a single issue, occasionally moving out of studio for One on One and outdoor as & when required. Issues will be picked from variety of current affairs from national politics to international relations to social issues that touch lives of Hum Sub especially Politics, Social & other issues .

16 Capital Election Cell Airing Days: Mon-Sat Airing Time: 5:05 PM
Anchors: Benish Saleem & Fawad Khurshid Synopsis: This show will be about the news, data and analysis related to elections. Political activities of the day will be incorporated. The election related news and packages will be part of the show. Important developments related to elections, address/visit of senior party leaders/heads will be covered and cut live during the time slot. .

17 Capital Election Cell Airing Days: Mon-Sat Airing Time: 11:05 PM
Anchors: Benish Saleem & Fawad Khurshid Expert: Raza Rumi Synopsis: At the end of the day when most of the developing stories are completed, we will present a wrap of the political activities of the day. An expert on elections would sit with the host and comment on the developments of the day, it will be an interactive debate, with live phone calls from the audience. The head of Capital Election cell, who is an encyclopedia on Pakistani election constituencies leads the show. So, it will be an interactive show with three people sitting in the studio and talking elections.

18 Election Kahani Airing Days: Sat-Sun Airing Time: 7:05 PM Synopsis:
To provide the Voters about the basic information on issues facing people almost across the country. The documentary team has travelled and covered almost all major cities across Pakistan to discuss the problems of their areas in the backdrop of the forthcoming general elections. The documentary has focused voters, experts from various walks of life from that particular city besides interviewing candidates who are contesting the elections so that voters can make their own assessment about the candidates. The focus of the documentary is to encourage the people to go to the polling station on the day of election and cast their votes to bring a change not only in their lives but also in the society and the country. .

19 FPC .

20 .


22 Tariff Card: Time Band Tariff Band Rate Per Minute . Note:
0000 Hrs. to 0800 Hrs. Night Time Rs. 150,000 0800 Hrs. to 1800 Hrs. Day Time Rs. 175,000 1800 Hrs. to 0000 Hrs. Prime Time Rs. 225,000 Note: All the rates mentioned above are inclusive of agency commission and exclusive of government taxes and duties. These rates are not applicable on any special presentation/event day. All payments to be made in the favor of HB Media (Pvt) Ltd. All TVC and Branding material should be delivered to Capital TV at least 48 hours prior to airing.

23 Social Media: . CapitalTV.PK CapitalTVPK

24 Competitors: AAJ TV ARY News CNBC Pakistan Dunya News DawnNews
Express News Geo News Metro One News One PTV News Samaa News Waqt News

25 Contact Us: Address (Head Office): 1 Nazim-ud-Din Road, F-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan Phone:   FAX: Website: Address Bureau Office (Karachi): 202, 2nd Floor, Plot no. CL-10/20/2, STSMF Building, Beaumont Road, Civil Lines, Karachi Phone: Fax:

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