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Allies Investment Group Company Profile

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1 Allies Investment Group Company Profile

2 Introduction: AIG was founded in 1998 by former Mr. Amr Amin. Purpose of the company was basically representation of foreign companies working mainly in Egyptian oil and gas, aviation and tobacco sectors. AIG is a limited liability established under Egyptian Law # 159 Year 1981 located in Maadi Stars Towers, Korneish El Maadi – Cairo PO Egypt. AIG started with 4 employees including owner who enjoyed 20 years of experience with only one aim which is to grow and offer to the aforementioned Egyptian business segments and our foreign business partners remarkable services that will distinguish AIG amongst others.

3 Our Mission: Our Vision:
Representation of foreign companies and offering professional market intelligence services to our business partners Our Vision: Position AIG as a reputable unique industrial service provider and market intelligence empowered by our consistent team work

4 History: 1998: Representation of foreign companies. 2000: Providing local logistics services to our local customers including custom clearance and other services. 2001: Manpower provision through service contracts with our Egyptian customers. 2003: Offering to re-sell our principals products and services in local currency. 2004: Signing a business partnership agreement with leading Radio Frequency equipment supplier allowing AIG to offer services to Egyptian and African telecommunication market. 2006: Awarded 2,500,000 LE contract to supply and install controls system components for one of our oil and gas customers. 2007: Offering unique warehousing and logistics services to meet customers rapid and urgent requirements to supply key production components. 2008: Establishing a new subsidiary (Allies Investment Group – AIG) to tackle different business segments with more local products.

5 AIG Now: Represents world wide market leaders companies which are offering wide range of products and services serving the following business segments: Oil & Gas Communication Aviation Marine and Military Applications Foreign Business Partners: 15 Local Business Partners: 40 2008 Turn over: 5,750,000 LE 2008 Business Partners Sales: 30,500,000 LE Employees: 25 Offices and facilities: Expanding Cairo office space in 2008 to 500m2 and establishing Giza office which is in operation since Sept in addition to utilizing 1000m2 warehouse facility.

6 Allies Organization Chart

7 Allies Investment Group
25 Employees Admin. Department Office Manager Admin. Assistant IT Personnel Services Team Leader Service Rep. Finance Department Financial Consultant Financial Manager Accountant Sales Department Outdoor Sales Technical Manager (PB) Sales Manager O&G Commercial Manager (PB) Senior Sales Engineer Sales Engineer (PB) Sales Executive Sales Engineer (PB) Proposals Dept. Presales Engineer Logistics Admin. Assistant Managing Director Managing Director

8 AIG Business Partners Segments
Oil & Gas Communication Marine – Military Power Generation Aviation Mobile Operators Consultants Egypt Air Production Cairo North OEMS Cairo South PAS Refineries EL ATF PS AOI Natural Gas Dist. System Integerators East Delta PS ABECO Crude Oil Dist. Contractors Ministry of Defense Petrochemicals Broadcast CNG Ministry of Defense Police Departments AIG Business Partners Segments

9 AIG Business Partners

10 ICS TRIPLEX - Italy (A Rockwell Automation Company)
ICS Triplex is an independent, global company that develops, manufactures, and maintains fault-tolerant control systems, turbomachinery control products and automation control software for industries that demand high integrity critical control, fire and gas monitoring, and safety shutdown Atlas – Copco Mafi- Trench - USA Atlas Copco is an industrial group with world-leading positions in compressors, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. The Group delivers sustainable solutions for increased customer productivity, through innovative products and services

11 SIIRTEC NIGI (Italy) Specialized in supply of engineering services design and manufacturing of process equipment. Website: LS Cables (Korea) Specialized in manufacturing RF cables, accessories and components. Website:

12 Oil & Gas Systems Ltd. - UK
Specialized in supply of Metering & Reduction Stations / Filtration Skids / Separator Skids.    Website: ITAS - Italy Specialized in supply of Flare System Components / Burners / Air Heaters / Emissions Treatment 3M : Serving customers through six business segments, 3M finds ways to make life better and easier. Website:

13 QUIMEX / EXTERRAN – USA Specialized in supply of reciprocating gas compressors spare parts and service Website: VALTEX - USA Specialized in supply of valve maintenance products Lube Sealant and Lubrication equipment Website:

14 QUARTZELEC - UK Specialized in electrical maintenance services and supply of LV / HV Motors Website: ZOK-UK Specialized in supply of Gas Turbines compressors and aircraft engines cleaning detergent Website: Allen Gears – UK Allen Gears is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance gearboxes for industrial and marine applications Website:

15 ELLIOTT Tools – USA Specialized in supply of Tube Tooling equipments Website: JONELL – USA Specialized in supply of filtration systems and filter elements Website:

16 SPINNER (Germany) SPINNER GmbH is one of the leading high-quality RF component and systems manufacturers in the world. Website: ARIALCOM (France) ARIALCOM is specialized in developing and supplying a new generation of compact, multi-band, variable electrical tilt antennas grouped in three major families:- GSM/WB* dual band antenna. WB/WB* dual band antenna. GSM/WB/WB* tri-band antennas. All ARIALCOM antennas are equipped with variable and independent electrical tilts (whether or not remote controlled) for easy network optimization. Website:

17 How do we work? Long Expérience In The Industry.
High Levels Connections. Network of Working Levels Connections. Sales Expertise. Daily Visits To Customers. Early Identification Of Projects Infulence of Specifications Or Technical Solutions.

18 Why AIG ? Young team Active caliber Long experience in the market
Ambition to grow with vision to sustain quality Dedicated to serve customers and business partners various needs Willingness to learn more Offering competitive solutions to customers changing needs Adapting up-to-date selling and management tactics

19 AIG Customers in Egypt

20 Oil and Gas

21 Continue

22 Continue

23 Aviation

24 Communication

25 Power Generation

26 Allies References List

27 Year Project Owner Client Project Name Product
2001 BURULLUS GAS COMPANY BECHTEL – ENPPI West Delta Deep Marine Two Typhoon Gas Turbines-Power Generation SIEMENS Industrial Turbo Machinery - U.K 2002 United Gas Derivatives Company ENPPI NGL Two Turbo Compressors Package - GT 10 C SIEMENS Industrial Turbo machinery Sweden Syrian Gas Company ALFURAT Low & Medium Switch Gears (ALSTOM-Austria) 2003 BG / EDISSON / EGAS ELNG LNG Four GT 35 Power Generation SIEMENS Industrial Turbo machinery - Sweden 2004 One Typhoon Gas Turbines-Power Generation SIEMENS Industrial Turbo machinery – U.K

28 Product Project Name Client Project Owner Year
One Turbo – Expander / Re-compressor Packages (Lube Oil Bearings) Mafi – Trench (USA) WASCO Delta Fields Developments PRESSON ENERFLEX WASCO 2005 Four Turbo – Expander / Re-compressor Packages (Magnetic Bearings) Mafi – Trench (USA) GASCO Maximization Project ENPPI GASCO 2006 Various Electrical Equipment Zeit Bay/Ras Budran / Ras Fanar annual service Contract SUCO SUCO 2006 HALON Fire & Gas Replacement (water mist) GUPCO GUPCO 2007 Two SIEMENS (RUSTON)

29 Year Project Owner Client Project Name Product
2007 Vodafone Network Roll out RF Feeders & Accessories GUPCO Dahshour TA C-Type Inspection SIEMENS (RUSTON) SUCO ZEIT Bay Compression and Power Gen. GTS Controls System Upgrade Two SIEMENS (RUSTON) GTS Ras Budan Water Injection Pumps Service Contract FLOW SERVE Pump ELNG Annual Spare parts ICS TRIPLEX TMR ESD Ras Budan Water Injection Pumps Revamp

30 Year Project Owner Client Project Name Product
2008 GUPCO Dahshour TA Complete overhaul SIEMENS (RUSTON) MOD SYSTEL TETRA RF Cables & Accessories Office of the President SUCO EMC 1 Year ZEIT Bay Manpower Provision Contract GASCO WGDC Work Station Upgrade GE (ABB ALSTOM) BURULLUS Gas Company ENPPI BURULLUS Booster Gas Compressions– Phase IV TSA Modification & TIE In– Siirtec Nigi (Italy)

31 Year Project Owner Client Project Name Product
2008 GUPCO HALON Fire & Gas Replacement (water mist) Four SIEMENS (RUSTON) MOI SYSTEL TETRA RF Cables & Accessories CELTEL ALKAN Network Roll out BAPETCO Obayed Annual Service Contract MTC Turbo-Expander SUCO Zeit Bay annual service contract COOPER AJAX Mobinil NSN 3G Phase I & II RF Jumpers PETROBEL EMC PT Direct Sale SIEMENS (RUSTON)

32 Year Project Owner Client Project Name Product
2008 Mansoura Petroleum Company Melrose Resources / Mansoura Petroleum Company West DIKRNIS LPG Recovery One Turbo – Expander / Re-compressor Packages (Lube Oil Bearings) Mafi – Trench (USA) PETROBEL EMC GG & PT Service Exchange SIEMENS (RUSTON) 2009 GUPCO HALON Fire & Gas Replacement (water mist) One SIEMENS (RUSTON) SUCO Ras Budan Water Injection Pumps Revamp FLOW SERVE Pump Trans-Gulf Controls system upgrade Three SIEMENS (RUSTON) GASCO Natural Gas Grid 5 year maintenance Valve Lube Sealant

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