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1 Overview Presentation
DOLPHIN UF Overview Presentation

2 Introduction DOLPHIN UF is the first BARC Technology product
DOLPHIN UF (a BARC technology water purifier) started in the year 2002 by FilFab Corporation (SMD) a Jaipur based company. It was marketed in India in the year 2004 after development of the machine

3 Introduction It was marketed in India in the year 2004 after development of the machine. It came into the limelight in July 2005 during the Mumbai deluge. We got an overwhelming response in Navi Mumbai as none of the purifiers functioned due to heavy contamination of water

4 Introduction (Cont’d)
In the year 2009, FONTEK CORPORATION, Navi Mumbai took over from Filfab Corporation the Regd. brand name DOLPHIN UF and the technology was handed over to us by BARC for the next 7 years. The quality and technicalities were then monitored and certain modifications were made for the easy handling of the purifiers for our valued customers

5 Our Vision To provide pure and safe drinking water and save the world from water borne diseases, creating a new healthy generation

6 Company Profile We have a well dedicated and trained team for making membrane and assembling the machine looking into the minutest details of the end product All the parts except the membrane is being outsourced and made according to our specification looking into the quality of the entire parts being used

7 Our Mission – to reduce this number and we promise “We Will Deliver”
100 crore people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water. This is one in every six persons (Source UN)

8 Causes of Water Borne Diseases
BACTERIA Typhoid Gastroenteritis Dysentery, Paratyphoid

9 Causes of Water Borne Diseases
VIRUSES Polio, Hepatitis A Herpes Measles Diarrhea Common Cold SARS

10 DOLPHIN UF — Ultra Filtration Water Purifier

11 DOLPHIN UF Water Purifier
Technology developed by country’s most trusted research institute — BARC 100% bacteria retention certified by leading lab- Haffkine, Mumbai

12 Dolphin UF Water Purifier
DELUXE MODEL Activated Carbon Activated Alumina Ultra Filtration Membrane

13 3 Stage Filtration Stage – 1: Activated carbon to remove odor and color if any Stage – 2: Activated alumina to remove fluorides and arsenic (only in deluxe model) Stage – 3: Ultra filtration with Polysofone micron membrane

14 Salient Features Ultra filtration membrane cartridges of microns manufactured using patented technology of BARC Mumbai Membrane life of ~3–5 years Coconut shell activated carbon to remove foul odor from water Removes not only bacteria but viruses also as the finest virus size is 0.02 micron

15 Salient Features (Cont’d)
Removes complete turbidity to produce crystal clear water Doesn’t need electricity, works on tap water pressure Acts as a dead end device and so not even a single drop of water is wasted Is almost maintenance free except occasional cleaning of superfine solids deposited on the surface. This doesn’t take more than 5 minutes

16 What makes it different from all that presently available in the market
Removes even the finest bacteria Removes complete turbidity and produces crystal clear water High life membrane of life 3–5 years

17 Advantages Does not need electricity
Although a highly technical membrane is used, the mechanism of filtration is easy to understand & non complicated The performance can be seen by yourself when you open the filter after few days of use

18 Advantages (Cont’d) No maintenance cost. Self maintenance involving cleaning of membrane with a soft cloth which takes only 3 minutes Last but not the least, highly affordable with low initial investment and extremely low replacement cartridge cost

19 Membrane after 15 days of use
SEEING IS BELIEVING !!!!!! Membrane after 15 days of use Cleaned with wet cotton cloth.

20 What is UV and How it Works
UV is Ultra Violet light which covers a specific wavelength of light spectrum 240–280 nanometers wavelength is considered effective for inactivating bacteria UV radiation is supposed to destroy the DNA of any living organism under defined conditions of use UV sterilizer is about 85–87% effective at its absolute best level of performance when new, with a steady and measurable decline over time

21 Factors Affecting UV Performance
Minimum radiation dosage of 16,000 microwatt sec/cm Exposure time of microbes before the lamp Distance of the microbe from the lamp surface

22 UV Lights Lamp needs to be checked for capacity ( nanometers) on a regular basis Quartz jacket of the lamp needs replacement when a new lamp intensity is diminished Lamp Needs replacement every 18 months Cleanliness of the water. If the water is muddy or contains suspended solids, microbes can never be deactivated

23 Limitations of UV Based Filters
Never kill bacteria but just inactivate them Effectiveness depends of many parameters like lamp capacity, rate of flow, wave length, etc. High initial cost Costly maintenance contracts Electricity dependent


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