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Welcome to Famis From W&M home page – Search famis.

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1 Welcome to Famis From W&M home page – Search famis

2 Take the first choice Take the Famis Production Links

3 Click FAMIS (XiR2) (there will be 2 dialog boxes with a box to check for trust always, do it) (there will be 3rd dialog box with a warning about security, click NO)

4 This is one of the few times we disagree with the recommended action... Click NO

5 To create your desktop short cut, Click, Hold and Drag the address icon to your desktop. (Hint: you have to be able to see a clear portion of your desk top to drop your shortcut.)

6 (hint: Username is the first part of your e-mail, usually )

7 This is the main screen, called the Navigator. You can get to all you need from here. Current Schedule is the Work Bench Double click or Select and Open

8 This is your work bench. You can scroll down/up and right/left

9 How to find what youre looking for F7 F8 Shift + F2 Ctrl+Q Enter Query turns the line blue and ready for typing Execute Query brings up any records matching your request Count Hits shows the number of records that will show up. Cancel will stop the query and remove the blue. Bottom left corner of screen Before you Execute Query hit the (Sigma) to see how many hits you will get, adjust your request accordingly.

10 Query will give you a blue line, Choose what column (s) you want to query on, remembering that if you dont have an exact match you will need to use the wild card % before and/or after your search criteria.. Then execute or count hits.

11 Building format is xx00 (alpha, alpha, numeric, numeric) then pick a key word. If any character is different, you wont find it, so less is more in this case.

12 2 choices showed up. Double click your choice to see the work order. You can also select (highlight) the work order, right click and then click Cost Summary.

13 When youve found the items youre looking for Select the ones you need to print by checking here or... Check All... Click Print …

14 Scroll to your printer, select and click OK (you can Set As Default and it will show up automatically or if you dont have a FAMIS printer you can change the Type from Printer to Screen and then print the.pdf (picture) to your printer.)

15 To pull up a work order, double click anywhere on the line of the w/o youre looking at. NEXT: Looking around a work order NEXT: Looking around a work order

16 The Tasks tab will show the work requested WARNING – WATCH FOR THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!

17 Click Edit then Edit Field or Ctrl+E this is much safer than getting the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!! When completing work orders, this is where you would enter any comments needed, including your name and date. When completing work orders, this is where you would enter any comments needed, including your name and date.

18 The Routing tab will show who did what changes.

19 When assigning work orders, click on the drop down. You will get this window. Query the Last Name followed by the wild card (%), or query the crew. Then select the correct answer and click OK. (The format on this table is Last Name, First Name)

20 Click Request to find out the requestors information.

21 To complete a work order Open the work order, Select the Status Type Complete or select Complete from the drop down box. Click Tasks and notate as shown previously

22 Logging out... Click File, Log Out Click OK Click Exit The End

23 To create your own view – just the way you want it... Click Edit… This dialog box will show up Click Duplicate… Type a name that makes sense to you. My View, special view..... Only you will see, but be nice anyway

24 You can sort by any field You change the order of appearance by selecting a field and then clicking Move Field Up or Move Field Down

25 You can choose your crew ….. any of these drop down boxes are available for choices. You can have as many work benches as you want to sift through. Choose the Default view under options (the one you want to pop up automatically). Maybe?

26 To set up your selection of Quickpick Buttons Right click in a clear space Left click Add Quickpick.. (You can also edit or cancel by right clicking the one to change) It is a form so click Next

27 Drop down and choose your form Name the button Click Finish

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