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Online Ordering System

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1 Online Ordering System
SACMI USA GROUP Online Ordering System

2 The Online Ordering System is yet another way that the SACMI USA GROUP is striving to meet our customers’ demands. With the Online Ordering System, it is possible to check material prices and availabilities, create quotations, and place orders for all items in our price list 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This system has been designed to compliment the traditional methods of ordering SACMI spare parts.

3 Start by going to
To access the SACMI USA GROUP Online Ordering System, click on the SERVICE & PARTS link.

4 Click on the “Customer Login” button.

5 The user must first login with their username and password granted to them by SACMI USA.

6 The first screen the user sees is their own personalized Welcome screen.
To begin, click on “Create a New Quote”. Here the user can view all valid quotes, as well as, a history of all online orders placed within the last 30 days.

7 When a quote is first created, notice that the “Quote No:” is left blank. This will change as soon as you add a material to the quote. Make sure that all of the header information is correct. If it is incorrect, please send and to SACMI USA by clicking on the “CONTACT” link. To begin adding materials to your quote, click on “Add New Material”.

8 The user can search for materials by material number, material description, or both.
For example: If the user wants to find the material CVS , start by searching for CVS00101 and check the results. The search tool will look for any matches that contain the entire text that is entered in the search box. It will work best to first start with a general search and then later tighten the search by adding to the original search text. The search is not case sensitive. Press the “Search” button to proceed.

9 Click on either the Material Number or Material Description to view pricing and availability for the material you are interested in.

10 In this screen, the user can see information displayed directly from the SACMI USA price list. This includes: Material Number Description Qty Available Sales Unit of Measure Sales Unit Price To add the material to a quote, enter a quantity in the “Quantity to Quote” box and press the “Add to Quote” button. Otherwise, press the “Back” button to return to the search page.

11 A new window will appear informing the user that the material was added to the current quote.
Press the “OK” button to continue. This will send the user back to the most recent search page.

12 The user can then search for more materials or press the “Back to Quote” button to view their current quote.

13 Once the quote is complete the user can convert the Quote into an Order by clicking on “Create Subsequent Order” The user can modify the quoted quantity by clicking on the material number or description. Notice that the “Quote No:” has been assigned, and the validity period has been activated in the header information. All quotes are valid for 14 days beginning on the date that the quote was created. The user can also delete the material from the quote by clicking the “Delete Item” check box.

14 First, the user must select a shipping method from the drop-down box.
The user can also add any special requests, shipping instructions, or other information in the “Special Instructions” box. Next, a purchase order number must be entered. In case an emergency shipment is necessary, the user can select the “Emergency” check box. Please be careful to read and understand this option. It is for emergencies only that cannot be processed during regular hours. When all information has been entered, the user can continue by pressing the “Make into an Order” button. If a change needs to be made to the original quote, press the “Return to Previous Page” button.

15 This is the final screen the user sees before the order is final
This is the final screen the user sees before the order is final. It is important to check that all the information being displayed is correct. If a change is necessary, press “Back” to go to the previous page and make changes, or press “Cancel” to go back to the original quote. Please be aware that the Total value listed at the bottom of the quote does NOT include the delivery cost. This cost will only be applied on the invoice. After the user has verified that all information being displayed is correct, press “Complete Order” to finalize the order. Notice that all the shipping information and PO number from the previous page are now displayed in the header.

16 A new window will appear informing the user that the order has been sent.
Press the “OK” button to continue. This will allow the user to view the completed order.

17 This is an example of an order that has not yet been confirmed by a SACMI USA sales representative. Notice that the “SAP Order No:” field has been left blank. This field will be filled automatically after the user has received an order confirmation via . The user can print a copy of the online order by clicking “Print” or go back to the initial welcome screen by clicking “Welcome Screen”.

18 Now, on the user’s personal welcome screen, the sent order can be seen
Now, on the user’s personal welcome screen, the sent order can be seen. Orders will remain visible for 30 days after the initial creation date.

19 The user will receive an ed order confirmation from a SACMI USA sales representative once the order has been processed.

20 The user can view all recent orders or valid quotes simply by clicking on the “Order No.” or “Quote No.”.

21 Now, notice that the “SAP Order No:” field has been filled and matches the ed order confirmation number.

22 Thank you for using the new SACMI USA GROUP Online Ordering System.
Please feel free to contact your SACMI USA sales representative if you have any questions or concerns. SACMI USA GROUP th Circle Des Moines, IA 50322 (515)

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