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F Care Systems TC3000 Training.

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1 F Care Systems TC3000 Training

2 Content TC3000 Indications Technique Treatment Protocol Results

3 What is the TC3000 A device to treat Telangiectases, Couperosis etc. using Thermo Coagulation

4 Problem? Both Men and Women can have vein problems.
Mostly on face and legs Virtually everybody has some small varicular veins. 55% of the women have a problem they want to get treated.

5 The place of the TC3000 THERMOCOAGULATION ------

6 Complete Phlebologist treatment
Stripping or Sclerotherapy for the large varicose veins Micro sclerotherapy for veins >0.3 mm Thermo coagulation for veins <0.9 mm

7 Phlebologist treatment
In 67% of cases use Micro sclerotherapy combined with TC In 30% of cases only TC In 7% only micro sclerotherapy

8 Facial Treatment Just Thermo Coagulation


10 Indications Varicosities of the feet

11 Indications Matting

12 Indications Couperose and Rosacea

13 What is Thermo Coagulation
Coagulation is the clotting of the blood Thermo Coagulation is the clotting of the blood by raising the temperature

14 Thermo Coagulation The TC3000 raises the temperature by administering an energy pulse. This pulse is a 4 MHz radio pulse of exact amplitude and duration. The pulse is send by an isolated needle to be precisely on the place the coagulation is wanted.

15 Thermo Coagulation by TC3000
The TC3000 has 2 main components: The GENERATOR : The power and duration of the pulse can be precisely controlled to achieve un optimal energetic effect while avoiding the risk of necrosis. THE NEEDLE : an insulating sheath isolates and protects the untreated area. Only the vessel is treated, the epidermis isn’t reached.

16 The Needle

17 The treatment Although the treatment is basically simple there are some rules to get good results. Rule #1: Be precise. If the vein is missed, it will look to disappear but it will come back!!

18 Prepare Patient Put the area to be treated horizontally
For accuracy: good light and use a loupe. Regularly clean skin and needle

19 Select Needle Select needle K3 is good for most cases
K2 = mm K3 = mm K6 = 0.15 mm K3 is good for most cases K6 for veins >0.3 mm In case of allergic reactions, a K3 gold needle can be used

20 Select Powersettings 30%, 0.2 seconds for face
30% to 50%, 0.3 to 0.4 sec. for legs Do not go above 50%.

21 Insert Needle Find the good position of the needle.
The pressure of the needle must make a net from varicosities disappear or make the varicosity disappear on both sides of the needle. Insert the needle perpendicular Or near perpendicular. The tip has to be in the vein One impulse every 3..4 mm Be very superficial, the vein is just below the surface.

22 Check result Draw the skin with 2 hands to check if the vein has disappeared or just been masked by the edema

23 Check on next session After 8 and 15 days do again the same inspection. Space between impulses must be white

24 Results of using the TC3000 Instantaneous disappearance of the variculas. In the following minutes a little aureole appears and forms a micro scab which disappears after 2 to 6 weeks.

25 Clinical Reaction Immediate disappearance of the telangiectases
A light erythema with papule arises quickly after the session

26 One Session… takes 10 to 15 minutes. corresponds to 200/500 impulses.
permits to erase from 40 to 80 cm of teleangiectases.

27 Treatment Evolution Day 0 : micro-edema
Day 8 : very small crusts which are gradually going to disappear Day 30 : total disappearance

28 Abnormal evolution Disappearance of the edema followed by reappearance of the varicosity over the days that follow. -> The varicosity, in reality, has not been treated correctly and the edema masked the result. Pigmentation (always disappears)

29 Abnormal evolution Ochre marks of varying shades appearing a few days, or even a few weeks, after the treatment. These are associated with the use of non-insulated needles (more rarely) or a technical fault (the non-insulated part of the needle, the last millimetre, is in contact with the skin), often following an overdose. Transparent appearance of the skin (burn) - pulse too superficial  Dotted appearance: some of the varicosities were correctly treated (wait one month and then treat the remaining part).

30 Day 0, Teleangiectases

31 Day 15, Teleangiectases

32 Day 21, Teleangiectases

33 Day 0, Angiomatosis

34 Day 15, Angiomatosis

35 Day 21, Angiomatosis

36 Learning curve stage 1 red and blue varicosities < 0.3 mm (non catheterisable) isolated external leg of ankle needle K3 I power setting 30%, pulse time 0.2 sec Remain at this stage during one month normally. The result is 100% disappearance.

37 Learning curve stage 2 varicosities < 0.3 located in the knees and thighs parameters identical to the first stage During 15 days do only this and await the result. This procedure is a little more delicate as these varicosities are often fed by a venule. The correct technique should lead to a positive result approaching 100%.

38 Learning curve stage 3 isolated varicosities > 0.3 and < 0.6 mm (around twice the size of the 0.3 mm phlebological needle) use needle K6 I Perfect the technique, very good result

39 Learning curve stage 4 Varicosities > 0.3 grouped and fed by a reflux More difficult to tackle - for the best results it is preferable to treat the reflux before using microsclerosis.

40 Contra Indications Pace Maker Nickel Allergy (use gold needle)
Coetaneous infection

41 Advantages for doctor Neither complications nor incidents.
Simple to use. Instantaneous disappearance. No allergy No pigmentation. No burns. No secondary effects. Very efficient on all kinds of variculas. All body parts

42 Advantages for patient
No pain, minor discomfort No bandages. Instant Results Permits sun exposure. Can be used on all kinds of skin.

43 Alternatives? Laser Electro Coagulation
Important inflammatory reaction. Moderate efficacy. Material expensive and rapidly outdated. Risks of burns. Risks of de-pigmentations Takes 4 to 6 weeks to see results. Electro Coagulation Problems of eviction when exposed to sun. Burns. Appearance of scabs. Risks of ecchymosis and bruises. Treatment is painful.


45 Conclusion The TC3000 removes unsightly veins in a comfortable efficient way. No risks, no side effects, no pain Can be used all year, on all body parts Immediate, lasting results

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