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Ken Tremblay Jacque Miller Elisa Shackelton Laura Au-Yeung Colorado State University Extension 2008.

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1 Ken Tremblay Jacque Miller Elisa Shackelton Laura Au-Yeung Colorado State University Extension 2008

2 Health Risk for American Families The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported research results that show indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Most people spend as much as 60% of their time inside their homes; air quality conditions in your house can affect attitudes and health. More information?

3 We all want to feel safe and healthy in our home. Accident prevention Routine maintenance Being prepared for emergencies

4 Information is easily accessible Store and keep track of important house documents, manuals, & warranties Assist in working with professionals & tradesmen (tax consultant, real estate agent, plumber, electrician, etc) Record facts about the property, the house structure, & its systems Keep records & receipts of property improvements for tax purposes & resale Update records of maintenance tasks & service history for this house

5 Provide peace of mind Identify safety & health-related concerns & issues for indoor air testing and emergency action plan Having these records will make future maintenance & house projects much easier, save time, & save money. It is one of your greatest investments and investments and proper care contributes to family health and wealth.

6 3-inch, D-ring binder with 12 section tabs & plastic insert pockets Acknowledgement and Copy right page Purchasers of this publication may make unlimited copies of designated pages used for record keeping. No changes or additions may be made in the content before copying. This publication may not be copied or reprinted in its entirety for the purpose of resale or as a substitute for purchase. Section tabs each with listing for suggested documents & warrantees to store House Repair & Improvement Log for tracking job descriptions, contacts, & cost House Item or Material Inventory for specific information for finishes, fixtures, & equipment


8 Title certificate & legal description New home warranty Homeowners association Property plan & house floor plans Physical description (photos) Insurance information Inspection reports Engineering reports Zoning – land & mineral rights Garage opener & key inventory

9 Asbestos-containing materials Household hazardous materials Molds & mildew observations Radon test & reports Lead-based paint test Smoke & CO alarm systems Pest control management Termite/bug inspection reports Hazardous substances Inspection reports

10 Help Yourself to a Healthy Home Protect Your Childrens Health

11 Landscape plan & drawings Grass & maintenance records Shrubs & trees – flowers & garden Sprinkler – irrigation system Fountain – waterfall – pond Soil test & report Water test & report Driveway – walks – patio Fence – stone walls Yard equipment & maintenance Weed management Wildlife management

12 Exterior finishes (paint & stains) Siding: aluminum, vinyl, brick Foundation Porch – deck – patio Roof & gutter/downspouts Chimney(s) Doors Windows – skylights Garage/carport – attached sheds

13 Wall treatments (coverings/paint) Flooring Light fixtures Window treatments Front door – special doorways Tiles – mirrors – murals Cabinets – built-in storage Other surfaces

14 Central – room air conditioning Heating system Additional heat source Fireplace(s) Alternative energy (solar) Ventilation (fans) Thermostat Insulation Duct work

15 Plumbing & pipe location Connection to water Water heater Plumbing fixtures Laundry fixtures & drain Water treatment system Sewer – septic – wells Spa – hot tub – pool

16 Sketches of electrical wiring Incoming power sources Panel box Switches & outlets Smoke & CO alarms (hard-wired)

17 Cable – Satellite Phone lines & jacks PC networking & Internet Intercom system Home security system Home entertainment system

18 Major kitchen appliances Garbage disposal Washer & dryer Whole house vacuum Other built-ins (microwave)

19 Vital phone numbers List of emergency supplies Contents of safe Record of escape routes Fire extinguisher(s)

20 Identify committed partners Agencies Community-based organizations Property owners Contractors and trade people Establish program objectives Solicit input on issues of concern Consider the interests and priorities of partners Collect data to better determine community situation Marketing Funding Evaluation

21 Seminar One Keep Household Clutter under Control Safe and Healthy Household Cleaning Products Household Maintenance Why Organize Household Records/House Records Organizer Seminar Two Home Fire Safety Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Safety Children and Home Safety Seminar Three Emergency Preparedness Being a Good Neighbor

22 Questions? Thank you! More information: Healthy Colorado Homes

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