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Presentation by Izabela Szaja - a student of ZS nr 1 W Kraśniku W ramach projektu We are what we eat Program Comenius.

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1 Presentation by Izabela Szaja - a student of ZS nr 1 W Kraśniku W ramach projektu We are what we eat Program Comenius

2 Food for as a mealas a cosmetic

3 Oysters Oysters are a fabulous source of the trace mineral zinc. While zinc is important for proper growth and development, as well as wound healing, it may also play a key role in helping to promote great skin by boosting collagen production. Additionally, studies have found that zinc may help prevent or improve acne by controlling excess oil production as well. 1st page 1st page

4 SoybeansSoybeans While most of us correlate omega 3 fatty acids with fish, you could get plenty of plant- based omega 3 in walnuts, flax seed and even soybeans! It has been well documented that soybeans can help in lowering cholesterol, waist size and risk for high blood pressure, but did you know that they can also provide radiant, glowing skin, as well? The omega 3s in soybeans have been shown to help fight against inflammation in the body (a real beauty bummer) and help skin look younger as well by avoiding dryness. 1st page 1st page

5 Swiss chard This tasty green is highly versatile in recipes and may have a beautifying effect on both hair and skin as it contains high amount of biotin, a b-complex vitamin that has been associated with positive beauty attributes. Swiss chard is also high in vitamins A, K and C, which all happen to be vitamins associated with overall anti-aging. 1st page 1st page

6 Brazil Nuts Brazil nuts are a goldmine of Selenium, a trace mineral essential to good health - and great skin - but don't eat gobs of them! One of the most important things you should know about selenium is that only a small amount provides powerful antioxidants shown to help prevent the formation of free radicals. 1st page 1st page

7 Carrots have beta- carotene, a plant version of Vitamin A, that absorbs skin-damaging UV light from the sun and gives skin a beautiful, healthy glow. 1st page 1st page Carrots Carrots

8 While avocado is a great fruit for packing some nutrition in the body, it is also an excellent choice for enhancing the health of the skin. It helps in taking care of your skin effectively and thus it is a great choice for skin care. 1st page 1st page Avocado mask Things you will need: Cucumber slices Avocado pulp – ½ cup Procedure: Take an avocado and cut it into two halves. Now scoop the pulp from one of the halves of the fruit. Use a spoon to crush it to make a smooth paste. Now take a cucumber and cut two slices. Use face wash and warm water for cleansing the face thoroughly. Later pat dry the face. Now spread the paste evenly all over the face and massage it well to soak it into the skin. Place cucumber slices on the eyes and rest for about 10–15 minutes. Later, use lukewarm water to rinse your face and pat dry the skin.

9 Usage of oatmeal face mask helps you to avoid several skin ailments and also adds glow to your skin. Also, this face mask enhances the texture of the skin and makes it plain and even. If your skin is damaged due to sunburn, it can be cured effectively with oatmeal bath. 1st page 1st page Oatmeal mask To prepare an easy facial mask with oatmeal, take 5–6 tablespoons of ground oatmeal in a bowl and add water to make a thick and smooth paste. Spread the mixture on the face evenly and let it dry. Rinse it with cold water. You can also add milk instead of water to make your facial skin more nourished.

10 When applied to the skin, honey can be incredibly useful. The ancient Greeks knew this and used it on their skin to keep it young and supple. After some scientific study it was revealed that honey has many great properties that make it such a valuable ally in looking after your skin. It attracts moisture particles and thus locks them inside the skin It has antibacterial properties It has antiseptic properties It contains amino acids and other enzymes It is a natural sun block. 1st page 1st page Honey mask

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