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Gas-Electric Coordination Update JGC Meeting August 23-24, 2012.

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1 Gas-Electric Coordination Update JGC Meeting August 23-24, 2012

2 2 Natural Gas Export Trend

3 3 Power Plants Turn to Natural Gas

4 4 Renewables Cant Compete

5 5 West region: Tuesday August 28 th, 2012 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Portland, OR. Conference is free and open to the public. Commission members may participate. Will not be transcribed, but there will be a free audiocast of the conference that allows persons to listen, but not participate. FERC Technical Conference

6 6 Regional Energy Infrastructure Presentation by FERC staff. First Roundtable Discussion: Gas-Electric Coordination and Market Structures in the West. Describe the policies and practices in your region that impact the procurement of gas transportation and storage capacity purchases by gas-fired generators. FERC Conference Agenda

7 7 How does your region approach the question of gas infrastructure adequacy? What types of services offered by natural gas pipelines and storage providers throughout the West would best meet the needs of gas-fired generators in the region? How diverse (or consistent) are nomination, scheduling and commitment practices across the region? FERC Conference Agenda

8 8 Second Roundtable Discussion: Communications/Coordination/Information- Sharing. How are coordination and information-sharing regarding both emergency and planned outages handled by affected gas and electric entities in the different regions? FERC Conference Agenda

9 9 The gas pipelines in California and the CAISO have worked to improve their coordination of planned outages. What is the impact of electric system outages upon the gas system, and visa versa? Are further changes needed? Is there additional information that needs to be shared between gas and electric entities that currently is not being shared, and are all the relevant and necessary parties included? FERC Conference Agenda

10 10 With increased reliance on gas-fired generation, what changes in communications and real-time data sharing protocols will be needed to accommodate the expected increase in fluctuations and variations in gas usage? Based on experience in your region, what aspects of FERC Standards of Conduct need to be clarified or potentially revised to improve gas- electric communications and coordination? FERC Conference Agenda

11 11 Third Roundtable Discussion: Reliability. Is there a need for a minimum level of dependability in the fuel supply for gas-fired generators? What tools are available to regions to manage gas-fired generation swings and preserve reliability, in areas without gas storage? FERC Conference Agenda

12 12 What happens when there are events that impact pipeline deliverability in those regions? To what extent do the regions in the West coordinate studies of the natural gas and electric systems to analyze forecasted resource mix and/or interdependency risks from curtailments or contingencies? Can this be addressed through existing transmission planning processes or are different processes needed? FERC Conference Agenda

13 13 Are sufficient emergency coordination procedures in place in the West? Are these procedures routinely tested through functional exercises or simulations? Should all regions within the West routinely conduct joint functional exercises? FERC Conference Agenda

14 14 General Discussion of Other Region-Specific Issues Affecting Gas-Electric Coordination. Electric markets in the West function differently in California, the Pacific Northwest and in the rest of the Western Interconnect. Are there any specific issues of concern that have not been addressed? FERC Conference Agenda

15 Craig L. Williams Market Interface Manager c. 801-455-9812 Questions?

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