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1 June 2014Page 1 The ICAO EUR Regional Aviation Safety Team (IE-REST) FSFI International Workshop, 14 May 2013 Nicolas Rallo Regional Officer, Safety.

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1 1 June 2014Page 1 The ICAO EUR Regional Aviation Safety Team (IE-REST) FSFI International Workshop, 14 May 2013 Nicolas Rallo Regional Officer, Safety European and North Atlantic Office

2 1 June 2014Page 2 RASG-EUR European Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG-EUR) Established in January 2012 following decisions from ICAO Council and States in the ICAO EUR Region Objectives: Enhance aviation safety in ICAO EUR Region. Support the implementation of the objectives of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) by ensuring effective coordination and cooperation between all stakeholders in the Region (52 States) and supporting the establishment and operation of performance- based safety systems within the Region.

3 1 June 2014Page 3 RASG-EUR/02 Held in Paris, 26 to 27 February 2013 80 participants from 33 States and 12 international organizations Updates provided by ICAO and RASG-EUR Members and Partners (incl. on revised GASP, to be endorsed by Assembly in Sept 2013) Proposals submitted for discussion and approval FSFI represented by Mr. Evgeniy Ivanovich SHAPOSHNIKOV

4 1 June 2014Page 4 RASG-EUR/02 main outcomes (1/2) Approval of RASG-EUR Procedural Handbook Creation of the ICAO EUR Regional Expert Safety Team (IE-REST), to support the development and implementation of safety enhancement initiatives (SEIs) and activities in the part of the ICAO EUR Region not covered by the regulatory framework of the EU/ EASA regulatory framework Endorsement of priorities for the RASG-EUR work programme

5 1 June 2014Page 5 RASG-EUR/02 main outcomes (2/2) Signature of a Working Arrangement between FSFI and ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Office Agreement to strengthen cooperation with the European Commercial Aviation Safety Team (ECAST) and the European Union Network of Analysts (NoA) through exchange of information and, optionally, participation in meetings as observers Agreement to promote multi-labelling of safety events in the ICAO EUR Region

6 1 June 2014Page 6 IE-REST IE-REST reports to the RASG-EUR via RASG-EUR Coordination Group RCOG (FSFI represented in RCOG by Mr. Dmitry TARASEVICH) Two Co-chairs (1 from a State and 1 from industry) ICAO EUR/NAT RO serves as the Secretariat State letters (dated 4 March 2013) sent by ICAO to invite States, Regional/International Organizations and Industry to nominate flight safety experts as members in the IE-REST First meeting in Moscow (at IAC) on 10-11 June 2013 IE-REST/02 in Sept/Oct 2013 (RCOG/03 in Oct/Nov 2013 and RASG-EUR/03 on 25-26 February 2014)

7 1 June 2014Page 7 IE-REST IE-REST to identify possible safety enhancement initiatives (SEIs), and prioritize them based on a safety impact/difficulty assessment. IE-REST to monitor the implementation of SEIs

8 1 June 2014Page 8 IE-REST members Qualified and experienced in the area of flight safety To include experts from State authorities and Regional/International Organizations (flight operations experts, flight crew training experts, airworthiness experts, safety analysts, aircraft accident/incident investigators and aerodrome safety experts) + industry representatives (mainly safety experts from air operators, aircraft design and manufacturing organizations, aircraft maintenance organizations, flight crew training organizations, and aerodrome operators) To include experts from within and outside IE-REST geographical area, to enable exchange of experience and best practices

9 1 June 2014Page 9 Priorities for the IE-REST Safety enhancement initiatives should address in priority: Systemic issues (at State, Regional and industry levels); and Risks related specifically to: Runway Safety; Loss of control (LOC); and Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT). 5 March 2013

10 1 June 2014Page 10 Priorities for the IE-REST Systemic SEIs should include: At State level: Strengthening the capacity of CAAs to recruit, train and retain adequately qualified and experienced staff, Urge and support the establishment of SSPs by States Ensuring that CAAs have the appropriate degree of autonomy, Within the SSP: Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of occurrence reporting systems, Within the SSP: Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of safety data analysis systems (incl. consistent use of ADREP/ECCAIRS taxonomy, data quality control, and availability of ECCAIRS in Russian language) Enhancing States capacity to regulate, approve and conduct continuing surveillance of type rating training organizations Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of accident and serious incidents investigation systems 5 March 2013

11 1 June 2014Page 11 Priorities for the IE-REST At regional level: Improving coordination of safety initiatives within the Region (comparing initiatives taken by States, reg. organizations and the industry) and monitoring progress in the implementation of these initiatives Facilitating assistance to States when requested, including encouraging inter-State cooperation in the Region At industry level: Supporting the implementation of SMS by the industry, in particular enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of: internal occurrence reporting systems For air operators: Flight Data Analysis System Supporting the implementation of ICAO provisions related to Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) Facilitate the implementation of industry best/leading practices 5 March 2013

12 1 June 2014Page 12 Priorities for the IE-REST That the SEIs related to Runway Safety should include: Supporting the creation and implementation of local Runway Safety Teams (RSTs) That the SEIs related to CFIT should include Supporting the installation and operation of EGPWS wherever possible and, if not, the installation of lower cost solutions Supporting the implementation of the recommendations contained in the ALAR toolkit, including making the latest version of the toolkit available in Russian language 5 March 2013

13 1 June 2014Page 13 Priorities for the IE-REST That the SEIs related to LOC should include: Supporting the implementation of the expected amendments to ICAO provisions following the work of the LOC committee hosted by ICAO Headquarters 5 March 2013

14 1 June 2014Page 14 IE-REST Working Structure The IE-REST will be able to establish specific sub- groups, for example to work on: Enhancing the use of Flight Data Monitoring by air operators Supporting the establishment and operation of Local Runway Safety Teams (LRSTs) Strengthening the reporting and analysis of incidents at State level It will be up to the IE-REST to propose the creation of such groups

15 1 June 2014Page 15 RASG-EUR Webpage eur/index.php eur/index.php The final report of the RASG-EUR/02 meeting (including the RASG-EUR provisional procedural handbook) will be published within two weeks on the public part of the RASG-EUR webpage 5 March 2013

16 1 June 2014Page 16 большое спасибо! ICAO European and North Atlantic Office: ICAO Headquarters:

17 1 June 2014Page 17 FSFI International Workshop, 15 May 201217

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