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Installing Doors & Frames Ref: Handout / Text M. S. Martin Sept. 2008.

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1 Installing Doors & Frames Ref: Handout / Text M. S. Martin Sept. 2008

2 The opening Check for size and plumb Select a piece of jamb stock and cut to suit the head

3 Jamb Measure in 10mm from one side Use an off cut of jamb material to mark out the housing 10mm can be varied to suit opening if you prefer

4 Jamb A good guide for the depth of housing is the same jamb off cut

5 Jamb Measure in the width of the door to be use plus allowances for clearance (2 – 3mm) Mark other side and cut head housings

6 Jamb Cut stiles to length and fix to head Leaning up against wall is best for this

7 Jamb Fit temporary braces A spreader block can also be fitted Sill if applicable

8 Jamb Fit jamb to opening Checking for plumb, level, and wind

9 The door block Make a door block to aid in hanging the door

10 Hanging the door The door block is used as shown You can use felt for protection if you are going to re-use it.

11 Hanging the door Locate lock side of door Face any bow in the door out Wedge door in frame, door tight on hinge stile and head Scribe if necessary hinge side and head Scribe equal to the biggest gap visible

12 Hanging the door After planning replace door into jamb Scribe the lock side (space equal to 2 x required spacing 2mm stain, 3mm paint) Also scribe the floor spacing

13 Hanging the door While door is in position and wedged against hinge side Mark out for hinges 150mm top hinge, 225mm for bottom hinge

14 Hanging the door Remove door from frame, plane lock side to scribe line Then back off same side, 2mm is sufficient

15 Hanging the door Square the lines across the door & jamb Use the butt hinge for the depth required Jamb Door Pencil marks Broad butt hinge

16 Hanging the door Set the position of the hinge on the jamb The position will vary depending on how the door is required to swing See pictures opposite

17 Hanging the door Use the butt gauge to set the required distances on door & jamb

18 Hanging the door This picture shows the hinge set outs

19 Hanging the door Proceed to cut out both hinge recesses Hinge holes should be pre-drilled to receive screws

20 Hanging the door After pre-drilling the door should now be able to be hung Loose pin hinges make this process easier Once hung, align screw heads for a neater finish Door now ready to receive lock

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