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EMu New Features 2013 Bernard Marshall KE Software.

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1 EMu New Features 2013 Bernard Marshall KE Software

2 Overview EMu 4.1 (14 December 2012) EMu 4.2 (October 2013)
What’s next?

3 EMu 4.1

4 Password Management 4.1 Change password from within EMu
Can be disabled via Registry entry

5 Password Management 4.1 Password management provides: Password ageing
Force password change Valid password checks Lock after failed retries Account locking

6 Lookup List Improvements 4.1
Self-maintaining Lookup Lists No need for Lookup List rebuilds Lookup List module is now “first class” module Support for Multimedia added Lookup Lists always up to date

7 Security Update Support 4.1
Allow record level security to be changed when record saved Allow security to be set based on contents of a field Configured via EMu Registry Applicable at a User, Group and System level Example: Set a record to be editable by Group Admin only when Record Status is set to Retired

8 Field Level Security 4.1 Column Access Modifier Registry entry
Change permissions of fields on a record-by-record basis Control permissions of fields based on values of other fields Example: Make Current Location read-only when Record Status is set to Deaccessioned

9 Mandatory Security 4.1 Mandatory Modifier Registry entry
Change mandatory setting on fields on a record-by-record basis Control mandatory setting of fields based on values of other fields Example: Make Main Title mandatory when Record Type is set to Object

10 Archive View 4.1 Tree view of archive structure Navigate via tree view
Use drag and drop to move nodes View also displays “parts” relationships


12 Many Other Additions… 4.1 Export post processing
Run pre-configured script after export completed Import Tool adjusted to avoid duplicate attachments Exclude empty fields from attachment search Multimedia enhancements Support for read-only image formats (DNG) Scan to PDF

13 Many Other Additions… 4.1 New operational privileges
daMerge – Merge operation daDittoAll – Ditto All operation Unique indexing configurable via EMu Registry

14 EMu 4.2

15 Edit In A Single Language 4.2
Available for multi-lingual EMu clients Display languages in any order Display a single language or all languages “Ghosting” of values for empty fields Enter text in a single language or all languages Lookup Lists auto-fill all languages Text fields may be set as multi-lingual or uni-lingual in EMu Registry

16 Edit In A Single Language 4.2

17 Edit In A Single Language 4.2

18 IMu 2.0 4.2 Extends existing IMu structure Widget based framework
Embed EMu aware elements in web pages Pages created by other systems (e.g. CMS) Widgets are device aware Same widget used for desktop and mobile devices Widget layout based on device

19 IMu 2.0 4.2 IMu API extended to support insertions and updates
User authentication required Development of data capture widgets Compatible with EMu 4.1 and later

20 Calendar Support For Dates 4.2

21 Other Additions… 4.2 Auto-fill for all Lookup List values
Faster copying of records from List View Clear Group Box command Support for multi-page scanning

22 What’s Next?

23 Discussion Papers GUID/UUID Identify records uniquely
UUID version 4 (random) User generated GUID (e.g. LSID) Bibliography module Simplified model as alternative

24 Maintenance Improvements
Reduce time for overnight batch indexing Reduce time for full system reindex Look at ways to make system available 24/7

25 Full Unicode Support Server-side support Collation Character folding
Client-side Replace remaining non-unicode controls

26 Record Versioning Create new version of a record based on existing record Previous version is retired Attachments may link to older versions of record History of versions may be viewed

27 Field Selection Improvements
Field selection uses a separate dialogue box Select fields by: Prompt Column name Tab name New mode to allow field selection from modules: Click on field to select it Follow attachments to linked modules Shortcuts to create New… resources (e.g. Report, List Setting)



30 Double click to add

31 Global Replace Improvements
Global Replace will work like other resources (e.g. Reports) Global Replace entries saved in Registry Field selection improvements Move data between fields Run in “unattended” mode for large updates


33 Modify Image Metadata Update metadata in master image EXIF, IPTC, XMP
Global Replace Update Copyright field on a set of records Propagate metadata to image resolutions Can be managed independently of master

34 Drag/Drop Media Via Drop Zone
Drop zone on desktop for adding Media Allow right-click in Windows Media ingestion by IMu Many files or just one Drag/Drop Multiple Documents Multiple media files dropped into EMu for ingestion Multiple thumbnails dragged around EMu

35 Straw Poll UUID/GUID Support Bibliography Simplification
Maintenance Improvements Full Unicode Support Record Versioning Field Selection Improvements Global Replace Improvements Modify Image Metadata Drag/Drop Ingestion Of Multimedia

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